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Empyrean is the broad term for the various cultures of beings that once inhabited Auberean.[1] The term "Empyrean" was coined by the famous explorer Alatar Locke.[2][3] Empyreans are tall, slender, humanoid beings[3], with normal lifespans of 1000 years.[1][4] They are especially adept with magic.[3] Although the various cultures of the Empyreans have existed on Auberean for over 30,000 years[5], it is theorized by Alatar Locke that they are not native to Auberean, and instead came here with a singular purpose which has been lost with the passing of time.[6]

For more on the five known Empyrean heritage groups, see:

For more on the time when Empyreans ruled, see:


Bretself the Translator tells you, "I study Empyrean history of Lord Asheron's era, which we call the Empyrean Era of Lore. If you have a text from that time, perhaps I may be of service."
Fanzen San the Translator tells you, "I am a scholar of the Empyrean culture that lived in the ruins found throughout the swamps and even the desert. They were apparently called the Falatacot. If you have a text of that culture, I may be able to help you."
Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator tells you, "I am a scholar of a certain era of Empyrean history, the time of the Millennium War. If your text is of Dericost, Haebrous, or early Yalain, I may be able to translate it."


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