Enhanced Assault Crossbow

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Introduced:  Gaining Ground Related Quests:  Tumerok Banners Quest, Weapon Upgrade Kit Updated:  Master of Arms
Enhanced Assault Crossbow
Value: 25,000
600 Burden Units
Enhanced Assault Crossbow Icon.png

A reward for defeating the leaders of the Reedshark Clan.

Special Properties: Tumerok Slayer, Resistance Cleaving: Piercing

Skill: Missile Weapons (Crossbow)
Damage Bonus: 14 (36)
Damage Modifier: +155%
Speed: Slow (60)
Range: 80 yds
Uses quarrels as ammunition.
Bonus to Melee Defense: +15.0%

Your base Missile Weapons must be at least 360 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Honed Control, Warrior's Vitality, Aura of Infected Caress

Activation Requirements: Arcane Lore: 120

Spellcraft: 400
Mana: 600
Mana Cost: 1 point per 40 seconds.

Enhanced Assault Crossbow


  • Obtained by using a Weapon Upgrade Kit on an Assault Crossbow.
  • During the Master of Arms event, the skill was changed from Crossbow to Missile Weapons, the damage bonus upped from 12 to 14 and the damage modifier lowered from 160 to 155, the wield req changed from Level > 130 to Weapon Req >360 and the crossbow Skill activation req removed
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