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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Viridian Rise
Timer: None
Level Restrictions: 275
Rewards Summary
Full details here
+1 to all skills
+2 vitality
MMDs: None
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: Awakened
Cosmic Conscious
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Introduced In: Spring 2014

Quest Overview

Reset your character to level 1, losing all experience and luminance but gaining a title, two points in vitality and one point in all of your skills. In order to be eligible for enlightenment, you must be level 275, Master rank in a Society, and have all luminance auras with the exception of the skill credit auras.

As stated in the Spring 2014 patch notes, Enlightenment is a process for the most devoted players of Asheron's Call to continue enhancing characters which have been "maxed out" in terms of experience and abilities. It was not intended to be a quest that every player would undertake or be interested in.

Walk Through

  1. Take the Temple of the Font portal located at the base of the Deru Tree on the Viridian Rise.
    • Note: This is a one way trip, there is no portal to get back to the tree.
  2. If you meet the requirements you can click on the Font of Enlightenment and Rebirth to enlighten your character.
    • Requirements:
      • Level 275
      • Have all luminance auras (crafting aura included) except the 2 skill credit auras. (19 million total luminance)
      • Have master rank in a society
      • Have 25 unused pack spaces
      • Have become enlightened less than 5 times.
  3. If you choose to become enlightened:
    • You lose:
      • All experience, reverting to level 1.
      • All luminance and luminance auras with the exception of the skill credit auras.
      • The ability to use aetheria (until you attain sufficient level and re-open aetheria slots).
      • The ability to gain luminance (until you attain level 200 and re-complete Nalicana's Test).
      • The ability to equip and use items which have skill and level requirements beyond those of a level 1 character. Any equipped items are moved into your pack automatically.
    • You keep:
      • All current buffs and entries in your spellbook
      • Vitae and Player Killer Lite status
      • All augmentations obtained through Augmentation Gems.
      • Skill credits from luminance auras, Aun Ralirea, and Chasing Oswald quests.
      • All quest flags, kill task counts, and progress, with the exception of aetheria and luminance
      • Your society status(Note: You will need to retake the initiation test for your society to regain entrance, and then speak to the promotions officer to move from Initiate back to Master)
    • You gain:
      • A new title each time you enlighten
      • +2 to vitality
      • +1 to all of your skills
      • An attribute reset certificate
  4. Known Bugs: In the initial release and first hotfix to the Spring 2014 patch, there are bugs in the enlightenment process.
    • Sometimes the character fails to receive the attribute reset certificate for some reason. This does not seem to be related to being overburdened, but can be caused by being at 300% burden after reverting to level 1. To avoid this, before enlightening try a.) removing as much burden as you can and b.) make sure your strength is buffed.
    • This may also occur because your character is busy moving items off of themselves and in to the backpack; try making sure everything is removed before enlightening to avoid this.

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
1st Enlightenment Awakened

2nd Enlightenment Enlightened

3rd Enlightenment Illuminated

4th Enlightenment Transcended

5th Enlightenment Cosmic Conscious

See Titles for a list of all available titles.


Click image for full size version.

Lore & Dialog

Text from the tome of Enlightenment and Rebirth found inside:

If you are reading this, then you have located the Font of Enlightenment and Rebirth. This ancient font was a gift from the Deru to the Falatacot who followed the Light. It was taught that those who undertook the path would become enlightened over their many experienced lives, and would gain great wisdom and compassion from all they had seen.

If you wish to undertake this path, be warned, it is not for the faint of heart, and there is no turning back. The font will strip you of your skills and experience, leaving you as one new-found in Dereth. I have studied the font, and I have learned much of what it requires in order to function. The following is the list of criteria you must meet in this Age to use the font:

1. You must have acheived the pinnacle of experience, and be of the 275th circle of experience.

2. You must have learned all there is of Luminance, being one who has trained in all of the Luminance Auras, to their maximum capacity.

3. You must be a Master of one of the Societies of Dereth.

If you meet the listed requirements, the font will activate and set you upon the Path of Enlightenment.

The following changes will overcome you as you are set upon the path:

1. You will drop to the first circle of experience.

2. You will forget the knowledge of all of your skills.

3. You will lose access to the magics of Aetheria until you retake the quests and regain it.

4. You will lose access to the magics of Luminance until you retake the quests and regain it.

There are, however, some things you will retain. Any Augmentations you have learned will remain with you. Any skill credits you have earned will also remain with you. Also, as you walk the Path of Enlightenment, each time you step back to the beginnings, your skills and vitality will increase slightly, as the imperfections of your form are stipped away, bit by bit.

To ease this process a bit, I have cast an enchantment that will provide a token to any who set upon the path, so they may travel to my castle and reattune their attributes. Also, I have created duplicates of the Enlightenment Statues and set them in a ring around the exterior of my castle. This should ease things for those who wish to respecialize a skill. Lastly, I have created several portals in the Temple of the Font, so those newly reformed into the world can get to several safer locations, including my castle, for those who need access to the statues.

If you choose to set foot upon this path, may the blessings of the Light Falatacot and the Deru be upon you. And may all of Dereth be bettered by your choice.

~ Asheron Realaidain

You have become enlightened and view the world with new eyes.
Your available skill credits have been adjusted.
You have risen to a higher tier of enlightenment!
Castiel has achieved the 5th level of Enlightenment!


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