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Introduced:  Verdict Related Quests:  Gaerlan's Citadel Updated:  Master of Arms
Value: 4,000
240 Burden Units
Falauloi Icon.png

A staff constructed from obsidian and cerulean colored stone.

Special Properties: Olthoi Slayer, Unenchantable, Attuned, Bonded, Ivoryable

Skill: Finesse Weapons (Staff)
Damage: 34.8 - 58, Bludgeoning
Speed: Very Fast (1)
Bonus to Attack Skill: +19%
Bonus to Melee Defense: +31%

Your base Finesse Weapons must be at least 250 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Finesse Weapon Mastery Other V

Activation Requirements: Arcane Lore: 125

Spellcraft: 250
Mana: 1000
Mana Cost: 1 point per 20 seconds.

This item cannot be sold.



  • During the Master of Arms event, the skill was changed from Staff to Finesse Weapons, the spells adjusted accordingly, and the base damage upped from 8.4 - 14 to 25.2 - 42. The activation requirement of Staff: 325 was removed.
  • Like all other weapons from this quest, this item became attuned & bonded during the Master of Arms event, making it only usable by the character which it was stored on during the patch.
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