Fate of Bael'Zharon

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Shadow Invasion Quest Chain
Shadow Communication - Strange Crystal Quest - Fate of Bael'Zharon
Dark Recordings - Shadow Assault - Tou-Tou Blockade - Stop the Rebuilding

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group/Solo
Start Location: Isin Dule (Arwic)
Timer: Once Per Character
Level Restrictions: 200+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Fortified Mana Forge Key
Luminance: 30,000
Max XP:
Full details here
Full details here
Shadow Puppet or Hopebringer
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Introduced In: Stirrings in the Dark
Related Quests: Shadow Invasion Quest chain;
Strange Crystal Quest
(previous in series)
Dark Recordings
(next in series)
Void of Bael'Zharon

Quest Overview

This quest is the third quest in the Shadow Invasion Quest Chain. You must have completed the Strange Crystal Quest prior to starting this quest. This quest can only be completed once per character.

At the end of this quest you have 2 options for getting rewards, with the only difference being the title awarded. Which title you choose is entirely optional and does not have any known impact/effect on the rest of the quest chain.

Completing this quest allows you to do the next quest in the series, Dark Recordings, after a 20 hour timer expires.

This is the most difficult quest in the series to attempt solo. The Ler Rhan side of this quest likely cannot be completed alone. If soloing, you will likely need a Resister's Crystal to complete the Isin Dule side. The final dungeon for this quest is very buggy, which contributes to the difficulty. For the Isin Dule side, the soldiers should attack the shadows and not you. For the Ler Rhan side, the shadows should attack the soldiers and not you. However, most of the time, both will attack and ignore you randomly.

Walk Through

  1. Speak to Isin Dule. He will ask you to find Ler Rhan, who is located in the buried shadow spire The Shadows (29.5S, 94.2E).
  2. Enter The Shadows at 29.5S, 94.2E in Tou-Tou. Head north in the dungeon until you reach the room with Ler Rhan, similar to the first quest in the series, Shadow Communication.
  3. Talk to Ler Rhan, and he will give you a Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen..
  4. At this point, you must make the decision concerning who you will side with to complete the quest. Siding with Isin Dule gives you the "Hopebringer" title, while siding with Ler Rhan gives you the "Shadow Puppet" title.
    • Note 1: The Ler Rhan side of the quest is extremely difficult to complete alone and depends on a certain amount of luck. You can attempt the Ler Rhan side and then later switch to complete the Isin Dule side if you are unable to do so. Once you have committed to doing the Isin Dule side, you cannot switch back to the Ler Rhan side.
    • Note 2: If you give the final item to the NPC of the opposing side, they will kill you!
    • Note 3: The 2 versions of the Summoning Cave dungeon use different landblocks. In each dungeon you can only complete the quest for that particular side.

Siding with Ler Rhan

  1. Head directly to the Summoning Cave located at 29.2S 95.8E. Do not go back and talk to Isin Dule.
  2. You will be portaled into a version of the dungeon with NPC shadows at the top of the dungeon.
  3. Find Ter Shen and give him the message.
  4. He will instruct you to speak with Quaron, who is around the corner, who will give you a Door Key (Summoning Cave) to use on two locked doors further down.
  5. Unlock both doors and speak to both Gatekeepers. They will open the next set of doors for you.
  6. Jump down to reach the second part of the dungeon which is filled with soldiers and void shadows battling each other. In this version of the dungeon, the shadows should be your allies and not attack you. However, due to bugginess this is rarely the case.
  7. Ahead you will reach a fork in the path. These two paths form a circle that meets up near the last room in the dungeon. On each side of the path are 2 smaller rooms which contain strange crystals. You need to use each one to get a Strange Purple Crystal from The Shadows.
  8. After getting both crystals, find your way to the last room. There should be two Bael'Zharon Summoner shadows there. There will also likely be other shadows which attack you when they should not.
  9. Give each summoner one of the crystals. This causes waves of soldiers to spawn and attack them. You must defend them until the Void of Bael'Zharon spawns. Continue to defend them until he disappears and drops some Energy Scintillas.
    • Note 1: This part of the quest is extremely buggy. The shadows in the final room are supposed to not attack you and instead assist in killing the soldiers attacking the summoners. Instead, the situation typically becomes a huge free-for-all. For this reason, you should probably not clear the shadows in the last room prior to giving the summoners the crystals, as they create additional targets for the soldiers. Bael'Zharon appears to spawn and disappear repeatedly over time regardless of what you do, however no Energy Scintillas are dropped unless the crystals are given and the summoners are kept alive. The soldiers use life magic to imperil and vuln their targets, which can result in the summoners dying very quickly.
    • Note 2: If you or the summoners die before Bael'Zharon disappears, you will have to attempt the summoning again. You must wait 30 minutes before you can use the 2 strange crystals again. If you use up your key at the top of the dungeon, talk to Quaron and he will give you another.
    • Note 3: You only need to keep one of the summoners alive long enough for Bael'Zharon to drop the Scintillas. You can focus your efforts on keeping one summoner protected and let the other one go. If both die you can wait for one to respawn and resume protecting it. You should not need to hand the strange crystals again.
    • Note 4: If you decide to give up on completing this side, you can proceed to Isin Dule in Arwic and attempt the other side instead. Note that you cannot get back into the dungeon for this side after speaking to Isin Dule.
  10. Bring the Energy Scintilla to Ler Rhan for your reward.

Siding with Isin Dule

  1. After receiving the Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen., you must speak with Isin Dule again.
  2. Enter the Summoning Cave, located at 29.2S 95.8E.
  3. In this version of the dungeon, the shadows at the top of the dungeon are all normal creatures (not NPCs). Move forward and start killing them as you go.
  4. As you progress through the dungeon, one of the side rooms has a shadow which drops a Door Key. Loot it when you find it.
  5. Further in you will come to a 3 way split with 2 locked doors (720 resistance), each containing a button that must be pressed.
  6. Unlock each door, clear the shadows if desired, and press the button in each room to open the doors nearby leading to a jump down.
  7. Jump down into the second part of the dungeon which is filled with soldiers and void shadows battling each other. In this version of the dungeon, the soldiers should be your allies in killing the shadows. However, due to bugginess this is rarely the case.
  8. At the fork in the path, go left. Work your way through the dungeon until you find a dead-end room that is heavily populated with only shadows. In the final room with the shadows are 2 Bael'Zharon Summoner shadows and a Void of Bael'Zharon (NPC). The 2 summoners do not appear on the radar and must be selected directly.
  9. Defeat the Bael'Zharon Summoners and the Void of Bael'Zharon (NPC) will disappear, leaving behind Energy Scintilla's on the ground.
    • Note: Due to the number of shadows in the final room and the fairly fast respawn rate, it is very difficult to clear them fast enough alone to be able to then target the summoners. If soloing, a Resister's Crystal is recommended to allow you to resist the many void spells and debuffs so that you can enter and take out the summoners.
  10. Bring the Energy Scintilla back to Isin Dule for your reward.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
The Shadows 29.5S, 94.2E 7E02.png 7E02.png -- -- --
The Shadows (Updated) 29.5S, 94.2E 7E02 Updated.png 7E02 Updated.png -- -- --
Summoning Cave 29.2S 95.8E -- -- -- --


Quest Items
  • Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen. Icon.png
Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen. Strange Purple Crystal from the Summoning Cave Strange Purple Crystal
  • Energy Scintilla Icon.png
Energy Scintilla
  • Door Key (Summoning Cave) Icon.png
Door Key (Summoning Cave)

  • Fortified Mana Forge Key Icon.png
Fortified Mana Forge Key

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Give Energy Scintilla to Isin Dule. 350,000,000xp

??% up to level ??

See Level Costs for per level information.

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
Side with Isin Dule Hopebringer

Side with Ler Rhan Shadow Puppet

See Titles for a list of all available titles.


Click image for full size version.

Lore & Dialog

Isin Dule tells you, "I've heard that Ler Rhan is planning something big which may involve brining Bael'zharon back to the surface."
Isin Dule tells you, "See what information you can find out from him and let me know."
Isin Dule tells you, "Be careful in there, Ler Rhan may be getting suspicious of all of the willingness to help the Shadows."

Ler Rhan gives you Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen..
Ler Rhan tells you, "Take this message to Ter Shen in the cave at 29.2S 95.8E."
Ler Rhan tells you, "She will give you instructions from there."

Ler Rhan tells you, "How about delivering that message instead of wasting time annoying me?"

Siding with Isin Dule
Isin Dule tells you, "I am afraid I must call on your services yet again."
Isin Dule tells you, "I have received word that another Shadow cave has been discovered near Tou-Tou."
Isin Dule tells you, "The rumor is that the generals are attempting to bring Bael'Zharon to the surface permanently."
Isin Dule tells you, "It should go without saying that we must not allow this to happen."
Isin Dule tells you, "Go to this cave and disrupt the ritual they are using to bring Bael'Zharon out of his prison and to the surface."
Isin Dule tells you, "I have sent others on this mission as well. Hopefully they will be of assistance to you in completing this mission."

Isin Dule tells you, "The ritual has been stopped? Excellent news."
Isin Dule tells you, "You got a strange shard flowing with energy from the dungeon? I would like to see that."

You allow Isin Dule to examine your Energy Scintilla.
You hand over all of your Energy Scintillas.

Isin Dule tells you, "The ritual has been stopped?"
You've earned 350,000,000 experience.
Isin Dule tells you, "That is good news, although I am sure the generals will not give up so easily."
You've earned 30,000 Luminance.
You have been awarded the title of Hopebringer
Isin Dule gives you Fortified Mana Forge Key.

Isin Dule tells you, "I thank you again for aiding in the prevention of Bael'zharon's release. The world is a safer place... for now."

You allow Ler Rhan to examine your Energy Scintilla.
The Energy Scintilla can't be given

Ler Rhan tells you, "You dare go against me and then bring this Energy Scintilla as proof of that fact?
Ler Rhan slays you viciously enough to impart death several times over!
Ler Rhan casts Elemental Destruction and drains 385 points of your health.

Siding with Ler Rhan
You give Ter Shen Message from Ler Rhan to Ter Shen..
Ter Shen tells you, "Ler Rhan wants the timeline moved up."
Ter Shen appears to go deep into thought.
Ter Shen tells you, "Go find Quaron and have him give you access to the site below. There is no time to waste."

Quaron gives you Door Key.
Quaron tells you, "Take this key and head down towards the site. Use the key to enter the doors on the sides of the hallway and inform the gatekeepers that I sent you."

You allow Isin Dule to examine your Energy Scintilla.
The Energy Scintilla can't be given

Isin Dule tells you, "You aid the generals in attempting to bring back Bael'Zharon."
Isin Dule tells you, "Do you realize the destruction this would cause?"
Isin Dule tells you, "It is a shame that I almost trusted you."

Isin Dule slays you viciously enough to impart death several times over!
Isin Dule casts Elemental Destruction and drains 385 points of your health.

Ler Rhan tells you, "Isin Dule's forces may have stopped our summoning of Bael'zharon, but what he doesn't realize is we never expected it to succeed."
Ler Rhan tells you, "It was mearly a test of a theory on how it could be accomplished and the test ran long enough for us to gain valuable information for the future."


  • Information taken from official forums, credit to Breakdown for the guide. [1]
  • Crystals have a 30 minute timer on use, if you fail to protect the Void of Bael'Zharon (NPC) you must wait to start again. [2]
  • The Dungeons allow logging. So you may run your chars near the end, defeat it once, and then loot on multiple chars.
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