Fortress Construction

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Introduced:  Mired Hearts Related Quests:  First Contact

Obtained by using A Cluttered Table in the Renegade Fortress (60+).

Fortress Construction Icon.png Fortress Construction
Orders to Commander Kamenua. These might have some worth if given to Aun Laohke.


Your latest missive has made our endeavor into the valley worthwhile. We are sending a full contingent to you complete with a copy of the blueprints that the spy was able to acquire from Candeth Keep. Along with this contingent are enough materials to complete a fortress that will serve as our first true foothold on Dereth.

Continue your efforts and find a location that will allow us to rise to prominence and serve as a seat of our power on Dereth.

Our faith is strong in you, Kamenua.


-- Niarltah

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