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GoArrow Basic Instructions and Tips

Please see the screenshots on the GoArrow site and follow along during the instructions below. Note: If you click on a tab in the picture on the GoArrow site, then it will change the picture to show the new tab.

GoArrow has the following functionality: (and more, but these are the basics)

  1. Settings: click on the GoArrow button in your Decal tool bar to see the Settings dialog (dialog = box on the screen that holds something like a map). Once you have your GoArrow Toolbar turned-on (see below), you can get to the Settings dialog from the 'Settings' button on the toolbar too.

  2. Toolbar: gives you buttons to show/hide the various things below (see the GoArrow site - the picture is labeled "The GoArrow Toolbar").
    • Turn this on in 'Settings' via:
    1. Click the 'HUDs' tab
    2. Then click the 'General' tab
    3. Then click the 'show HUDs toolbar' circle-button-thing to light it up.
    • When you click on a button in the toolbar it displays that thing's dialog on your screen. Click the item's button again to turn it off (like the Dungeon button, click it once and the map box appears, click it again and the map box disappears).

  3. An interactive Map of Dereth (press the 'Dereth' button on the toolbar). Once the map is displayed, if you take a step with your character the map will center upon your location (you = little arrow).
    • You can left-click anywhere on the map to set your 'arrow' to point at it (see Arrow below).
    • You can right-click anywhere on the map and set that spot as the start or end point for a route search (see Route Search below).
    • Your mouse 'wheel' (between your left and right-click buttons, if you have one) allows you to zoom in and out of the map.

  4. A Dungeon Map: (press 'Dungeon' on the toolbar). If you are in a dungeon, and there is a map available for that dungeon, it will be displayed. If there is no map available it will say that instead. It only works inside of dungeons and will just show a black box when you're outside (so turn it off when running around outside).
    • The dungeon map is handy so you don't get lost. To set it up, in 'Settings' choose the 'HUDs' tab, then the 'Dungeon' tab. Near the bottom of that menu click on 'Move map with player' - this will move the map as you run through the dungeon. It's not perfect though, you'll have to adjust the position of the map from time to time by left-clicking on the map and dragging it.
    • When you first enter a dungeon, left-click and drag the map until the center arrow (your position) is directly over the blue letter 'D' (means dungeon entrance). Then as you run, the map moves with you.

  5. The Arrow: (click 'Arrow' on the toolbar to show it, click again to hide it). This arrow can be set to point toward any location you wish, be it a dungeon, city, or just some set of coordinates.
    • If you get 'told' some coordinates in your chat box (by another player or a quest computer-player-type), then the text becomes green-color and you can just left-click on that green text to make your arrow point to it.
    • Below the arrow is the distance you are away from the location you chose (in 'clicks' or kilometers I assume). As you run toward the location the numbers go down. If the number is fairly high (above 10.0 or so), you'll want to find a better 'route' (see below).

  6. Route Search: (click the 'Settings' button on the toolbar, and then the 'Atlas' tab, and then the 'Route' tab). This is a 'search' for the fastest way to get to a location. It takes into account your lifestone, your allegiance portals, and all other portals to find the best route for you to go. It's like one of those map gadgets you use in your car to find the best route to an address.
    • To use the search, from the 'Atlas' and 'Route' tab screen, there are 'From' and 'To' entry boxes. These are similar, but one is where you are starting from and one is where you are going to. Both have places where you can enter in the title of something (like a dungeon or city), OR you can type in the coordinates, OR you can click the 'Here' button to set your current location as the 'From' or 'To' spot.
    • When entering the title of something to go to (see the button right after the word 'To') there is a button with a '#' symbol on it. Click on this and choose the first letter of the alphabet for the item you are looking for (like if you're looking to go to the 'Drudge Hideout' dungeon choose 'D'). Then in the space to the right of that letter, click and scroll down to choose 'Drudge Hideout'. Now the search is set to find that dungeon.
    • Next to From, click on the 'Here' button. This sets your 'From' location to your current spot.
    • Once you have your 'From' and 'To' locations set (either by Name, by Coords, or by the 'Here' button - you only need one for From and one for To), then choose the 'Find route' button below the 'To' boxes. This will display the steps you take to get to your To location (in the space below the 'Find route' button). If you don't want to go on that particular set of steps (for one reason or another), push the 'Next longer' button just to the right of 'Find route' - this will change the steps to a slightly longer route. Press 'Next longer' again to see more steps, etc.
    • Once you have found a good route (the travel steps to take), you can click on each step of the way (if you don't know where each step is). When you click on a step, it switches you to the 'Details' tab with a description of that route item. There is a ton of information on this tab, but the most important is the 'Arrow Target' button. Clicking this button sets your arrow to this step of your route. So you know where to go to find that part of your route by following your arrow.
    • From the 'Details' tab you can click back to the 'Route' tab to see your route steps again so you can repeat the above process to select the next step in your route.
    • A handy way to set your 'To', 'From', or 'Arrow point spot' is from the 'Dereth' big map. If you bring up your map, and then move your character (so the map centers on you), you can find a place to go and right-click on it. Then you can choose 'set route start', 'set route end' or 'set arrow point'. So it's pretty interactive that way, especially when you move the map around and zoom in and out to find places.

Updating the Locations Database

1) Open Go Arrow and go to Atlas > Update

2) Change the URL to wherever you saved the new data_cod.xml file. (In my case C:\data_cod.xml)

3) Make sure Database Type is set to Crossroads of Dereth.

4) Click Update, when Finished click Update a Second time.


1) Open Go Arrow and go to Atlas > Update

2) Change the URL to http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6604527/downloads/data_cod.xml

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