Guardian of the Deru Trees of Marae Lassel

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Timaru
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 150+
Level Suggestions: 150+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Braced Mana Forge Key (2 Uses)
MMDs: 8
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
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Introduced In: Seeds of Corruption

Quest Overview

Aun Kimintari in Timaru gives a quest to help protect the Deru and weaken the Wharu (Olthoi).

Walk Through

Part 1: Royal Olthoi Jelly

  1. Go to Timaru via South wing (Annex) of the Town Network and speak with Aun Kimintari (in tent).
  2. Run north to the Roots of Skuld, Urd and Verdandi @ 51.9N 73.0W, and use the portal inside the hole in the ground. From here, find the Pool of Goo:
    • Tip: You can land less than 1 click away from the destination by using Ancient Empyrean Grotto portal from inside the Facility Hub.
    • From the portal drop, hug the right wall (ignore first ramp down on right side. Dead end) until you reach a room with several exits.
    • Take the exit in the far North East corner and continue and proceed to another room with a ramp down and several exits.
    • Take the East (left) exit and then immediately take North hallway. Follow this hall and hug the left wall until you reach a winding bridge over a pool of acid.
    • Follow the bridge to the North West until you reach the Pool of Goo.
  3. Use the Pool of Goo to collect Royal Olthoi Jelly and return it to Aun Kimintari in Timaru.

Part 2: Large Corrupted Mana Shard

  1. Return to the Roots of Skuld, Urd and Verdandi @ 51.9N 73.0W and find the Large Corrupted Mana Shard:
    • This time hug the left wall until you reach a split with East and West ramps.
    • Take the East (right) ramp down, and follow the linear path until you reach a room with several pits and a ramp down. Note: Maze Ahead.
    • At the bottom of the ramp, go left and follow the linear path South until you reach several cut-backs (diagonal halls).
    • Take the first cut-back on the right, at the 3-way go West (middle), and then right at the split.
    • Follow the corridor and again take a Right at the next split. Follow the path until you reach a room with a Large Corrupted Mana Shard.
  2. Use the Large Corrupted Mana Shard to pick it up, and return it to Aun Kimintari in Timaru to get a Wharu Fetish.

Part 3: Wharu Fetish

  1. Again, return to the Roots of Skuld, Urd and Verdandi @ 51.9N 73.0W and bring the Wharu Fetish to the Altar of T'thuun:
    • From the portal drop, hug the wall left again, and this time take the West (left) ramp at the split.
    • Kill the Tendril of T'thuuns on the way down, and eventually you'll reach a large room with the Altar of T'thuun in the center.
  2. Hand your Wharu Fetish to the Altar of T'thuun, which will spawn a mob of Sclavus and Olthoi that begin fighting each other (you can ignore them, they don't drop corpses or loot).
  3. Head back to Timaru and speak to Aun Kimintari for a reward.



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Roots of Skuld, Urd and Verdandi 51.9N 73.0W 24C0.png 24C0.png -- -- --


Quest Items
  • Pool of Goo Icon.png
Pool of Goo
  • Royal Olthoi Jelly Icon.png
Royal Olthoi Jelly
  • Large Corrupted Mana Shard(on pedestal) Icon.png
Large Corrupted Mana Shard(on pedestal)
  • Large Corrupted Mana Shard Icon.png
Large Corrupted Mana Shard
  • Wharu Fetish Icon.png
Wharu Fetish
  • Altar of T'thuun Icon.png
Altar of T'thuun

  • Braced Mana Forge Key Icon.png
Braced Mana Forge Key

Experience Rewards

Task Required First Run Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap Repeated Run Max XP Repeated Run Percentage & Level Cap
Speak with Aun Kimintari after handing the Wharu Fetish to the Altar of T'thuun 328,911,808xp

Fixed XP

164,455,904*xp 25% up to level 180

See Level Costs for per level information.

(*) Level 177 received the full 328,911,808 on a repeated run

Lore & Dialog

Aun Kimintari tells you, "I am called Aun Kimintari, and I am honored to meet you."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "It is my chosen duty to guard the Keh of Tanae in Palenqual, what your Xuta call the Deru Trees of Marae Lassel, who are named Skuld, Urd and Verdandi in their own tongue."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "These Deru, young by their count of years, have been weakened by Wharu, and are now attacked by a thing called T'thuun. This thing must be stopped."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "I have a plan to weaken this 'T'thuun' and aid the Deru Trees, but I will need the assistance of your Xuta."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "I believe that we can use Wharu against this new threat, but I will need some items our scouts have found under the roots of the Deru."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Find the passages of Wharu under the roots of the Deru Trees, east of Timaru. In those passages, find the Jelly left by their Tah. This can be used to attract Wharu, and will be important in our trap for this T'thuun."

You give Aun Kimintari Royal Olthoi Jelly.
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Ugh. Only something that smells this bad could attract Wharu. It will work, and I guess that is what matters most."
Aun Kimintari stashes the jar into a heavy bag, which cuts off some of the smell.
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Now, for the next part we need. Our scouts have found a place in the Roots where the minions of 'T'thuun' have collected the power of this world into a shard, and then corrupted it. I can use this power to anger Wharu against these creatures."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "I can protect you from the shard's corruption using a trick taught to me by these 'Societies' your Xuta has created."
Aun Kimintari chants softly while tapping on her drum with one hand. you feel a wash of power settle over you.
Aun Kimintari tells you, "You'll find the shard under the roots of the Deru, guarded by this T'thuun's minions. Bring it to me, and we can set the trap in motion."

You give Aun Kimintari Corrupted Mana Shard.
Aun Kimintari tells you, "The level of corruption and raw power in this thing is horrifying. Just taking this away from those things may help protect the Deru."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "But, we will do one better. We will turn their corrrupted hopes into the very thing that destroys them."
Aun Kimintari combines the Royal Olthoi Jelly and the Corrupted Mana Shard with a carved fetish that she pulls from a pouch. As she combines the items, she chants softly in a strange tongue and the Akiekie Fire flares up beside her.
Aun Kimintari tells you, "There, this should do it. Take this fetish to the altar in the deepest part of the area hollowed out under the roots of the Deru. If you keep going down, you should find it eventually."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Place the fetish, a fetish to Wharu himself, upon the Altar. This should call Wharu to the place, who will then war with this T'thuun, weakening them both. This will help protect the Deru and weaken Wharu both, which will help the Tonk and those of your Xuta as well."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Be careful, the conflict between Wharu and this T'thuun will be vicious, if what has been seen by our scouts is true."
Aun Kimintari gives you Wharu Fetish.

You give Altar of T'thuun Wharu Fetish.
As you place the fetish upon the Altar of T'thuun, you can feel the pulse of power and hear both the commotion of guards coming to stop you and the rapid approach of the Olthoi, drawn to its call.

Aun Kimintari tells you, "You honor the Tonk, the Aun and your Xuta by your actions and sacrifice. I thank you. I have been given a number of these keys by our Tah, who has gotten them from Elysatah of the Ispar Xuta. I am told your people prize them highly, and will take them as a proper reward for the risks you have taken."
Aun Kimintari tells you, "Our trap will not end the threat, but will keep them from progressing for a time, and keep the Deru safe until a better answer can be found. Return to me in a month, and we should be able to trick them once again."
Aun Kimintari gives you Braced Mana Forge Key.

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