Hamud ibn Rafik

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Introduced:  Shadows of the Past Related Quests:  Hamud's Demise Updated:  Thorns of the Hopeslayer
Hamud ibn Rafik

Non-Player Killer

Strength 220
Endurance 235
Coordination 270
Quickness 260
Focus 150
Self 150
Health 268
Stamina 470
Mana 300

Location: Inside the Mountain Fortress
Hamud ibn Rafik Live.jpg



Lore & Dialog

Hamud ibn Rafik tells you, "Go... away... unless... you have business with me..."

You give Hamud ibn Rafik Devana's Note.
Hamud ibn Rafik tells you, "Yes... a letter... I will give you the letter... but first you must serve..."
Hamud ibn Rafik tells you, "Go to the Empyrean foundry, in the swamps northwest of Sawato... Bring me one of their pyreal daggers... and you will be rewarded... by the darkness. You will need this key..."
Hamud ibn Rafik gives you Foundry Key.

  • Hamud and his daughter Devana bint Hamudi were followers of the Shagar Zharala on Ispar. The Shagar Zharala had become corrupt so Hamud was made an outcast and left Ispar through the portals to Dereth where he began a new organization based on the tenants of the Shagar Zharala, the Tenebrous Edge.[1] [2] Unfortunately Hamud allied himself with the Shadows thinking that they were the "incarnations of the very ideals that we in the Zharalim tried to emulate". Hamud was corrupted by the shadows and became a shadow himself. [3][4]


  • A Letter to Devana Icon.png
A Letter to Devana
  • Hamud's Last Testament Icon.png
Hamud's Last Testament
  • Precepts of the Tenebrous Edge Icon.png
Precepts of the Tenebrous Edge


  • Hamud's Pyreal Katar Icon.png
Hamud's Pyreal Katar


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