Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings

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Sisters of Light Quests

Releasing the Light - Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings - Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests - Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight - Hoshino Must Die

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Group
Start Location: 22.2S, 8.6E
Timer: 20 hours
Time to Complete: Varies by group size
Level Restrictions: 150+
Level Suggestions: 150+
Contracts: Contract for First Sister
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Legendary Key,
Legendary Seed of Mornings
MMDs: 7
Luminance: 20,000
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
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Introduced In: Seeds of Hope
Updated In: Balance of Power
Related Quests: Releasing the Light,
Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings,
Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests,
Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight,
Hoshino Must Die

Quest Overview

Required: You must have completed Releasing the Light at least once in order to flag for this quest.

Harvest a seed from the Bulb of Mornings located near Neftet. Doing so frees a spirit who will help to defeat Hoshino. Completing this quest permanently flags you for the Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests quest.

Due to the collection mechanic in this quest (each person needs to collect 15 Delicate Desert Flowers), this quest is not recommended for large groups. An ideal group is probably 3-5 people. When doing this quest with more than a single fellow, you can easily spend 45 minutes or more in the flower collection portion alone. All the bulb quests share this type of mechanic.

This quest can be done solo, with an increasing amount of difficulty based on if you are a mage, missile, or melee character. Very high melee defense is recommended.

Walk Through

  1. Head to the Neftet Excavation Site on the outskirts of Neftet at 22.2S, 8.6E and speak with Kaltus.
  2. Enter the hole in the ground near the Neftet Excavation Site and keep going down through the tunnels until you reach a portal to the Temple of Mornings. The tunnels and Temple are filled with Neftet mu-miyah and spectral undead. The Temple drop can be hot so be prepared.
  3. In the Temple keep going upwards until you reach the top where you find the Sanctum Guardian Spirit. You can jump up to the top level with the Sanctum Guardian Spirit and you'll be safe from the monsters below.
    • Tip: From the drop, take the closest doorway in the center area and make all left turns to get to the top. Then use a full shift jump to get up to the top of the platform.
  4. Talk to the Sanctum Guardian Spirit to receive a kill task for 10 of the mu-miyah/spectral undead. Kill them and talk to the Sanctum Guardian Spirit again to be portalled into the next dungeon.
    • Note: Mages and archers can easily perch from the top and never be in any danger. Melees are not so lucky, but can still imperil and vuln before attacking.
  5. The next part is full of reedsharks that are similar to those at Neftet. There are also usable Large Desert Flowers all over. If you use them they will spawn around 10 Sath'tik Tentacles Tendrils and Eyestalks that cast void and drain spells.
  6. You need to kill the tentacles and loot 15 Delicate Desert Flowers. The best strategy is to clear an area of reedsharks then use a flower and retreat a safe distance. If you are outside of the their drain and void radius then the tentacles are quite harmless and you can pick them off with a ranged attack.
    • Note: The flowers appear to have an approximate drop rate of about 40%.
  7. At the end of the dungeon, you will find the Bulb of Mornings. Use it and it will take all your Delicate Desert Flowers and give you a Seed of Essence.
    • Warning: The surface portal in the room with the bulb drops inside the cave with the spectral creatures and Mu-miyah. You most likely will want to recall and run back.
  8. Return to Kaltus and hand him your Seed of Essence for your Xp, Luminance, Legendary Seed of Mornings, and Legendary Key. You will also be portaled to the Neftet Legendary Chest Room to use your key. If you don't want your orb, you can hand it to Calitoth in the chest room for some xp and luminance instead.


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Quest Items
  • Large Desert Flower Icon.png
Large Desert Flower
  • Delicate Desert Flower Icon.png
Delicate Desert Flower
  • Bulb of Mornings Icon.png
Bulb of Mornings
  • Seed of Essence Icon.png
Seed of Essence

  • Legendary Key Icon.png
Legendary Key
  • Legendary Seed of Mornings Icon.png
Legendary Seed of Mornings

Retired Rewards
  • Seed of Mornings Icon.png
Seed of Mornings

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand Kaltus the Seed of Essence 210,000,000xp

??% up to level ??

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore & Dialog

A voice in your mind says, "Hmmm... You do not seem to have the taint that these other invaders do..."
A voice in your mind says, "If you wish entry to this sacred place, then prove your worth. Slay ten of these Dark Falatacot-touched invaders: the children of the self-titled 'Sand Kings' and those spectres that serve the Avatar of the Book."
A voice in your mind says, "Do this, then return to me. I will accept it as proof of your intents here."

You have killed 10 Spectral Voidmages! Your task is complete!
A voice in your mind says, "Very well, you've proven to at least be an enemy of those trying to invade this place. Tread carefully once inside."

Using the Bulb of Mornings without any Delicate Desert Flowers in your inventory:
Attempting to pluck one of the seeds directly yields nothing... You think you'll need some other means to gather a seed from the bulb.
You look over the large plant. Unlike the rest of the temple and its denizens, the plant itself seems entirely pristine and unmarred. The plant itself seems to radiate a feeling of peaceful hope.

As you go to pick the flower, Sath'tik tentacles erupt from the ground around you!

Using the Bulb of Mornings without the full 15 Delicate Desert Flowers in your inventory:
As you examine the large plant, the Delicate Desert Flowers in your pack start to glow faintly. Perhaps with more of them, you could achieve your goal.

You offer up the Delicate Desert Flowers to the large plant. The flowers themselves glow momentarilly, and then are absorbed in the plant. A moment later, the plant releases a small glowing seed.
You hand over all of your Delicate Desert Flowers.

You allow Kaltus to examine your Seed of Essence.
Kaltus tells you, "Beautiful!".
You hand over 1 of your Seed of Essences.
Kaltus tells you, "This is... amazing!"
Kaltus tells you, "Even being warned what we may find, it's still breathtaking to see. Now, to see if Popkin's spell works..."
Kaltus chants over the seed, and a small wisp of light pours out of the seed and into his hand.
Kaltus tells you, "Oh good, it worked. Spirit-magic is such a touchy thing."
Kaltus tells you, "It's only a small fragment of her essence, but it's progress all the same. As for this seed, I think you may find it useful."

You've earned 210,046,659 experience.
You've earned 21,199 Luminance.
Kaltus gives you Seed of Mornings.

Kaltus tells you, "If you're interested, I'll likely need your assistance again in a couple weeks. The bulb should be ready to produce another seed by then."

You give Calitoth Legendary Seed of Mornings.
Calitoth tells you, "Thank you. I'll send this along to my mistress. Please, accept this gift in return."
You've earned 49,511,803 experience.
You've earned 1,000 Luminance.


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