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Introduced:  Release Updated:  Spring 2014, May Patch
Healing Icon.png Healing
Description Helps you heal injuries.
Formula (Focus + Coordination) / 3
Base Status Unusable
Cost to Train 6
Cost to Specialize 4
Buffs Healing Mastery (Spell), Coordination (Spell), Focus (Spell)
Debuffs Healing Ineptitude (Spell), Clumsiness (Spell), Bafflement (Spell)



Starting Equipment


Other Items

Spell Stacking


  • Unusable if not trained or specialized.
  • Heal with hotkeys by putting a Heal Kit on a hot key, then dragging and dropping your main pack (big tan one) onto a hot key. Then press the kit key followed by the pack key and you will heal yourself.
    • Heal Kit Hotkeys.jpg
  • The difficulty of healing increases based on the absolute amount of life lost and is different for combat and peace modes:
    • Peace mode difficulty: (Amount of Missing Health * 2)
    • Combat mode difficulty: (Amount of Missing Health * 2 * 1.1)
    • Note: These formulas imply that as total health increases, the difficulty of healing at relative life values (e.g. healing at 50% life) increases.
  • As part of the Forces of Nature patch, the following changes were made:
    • The formula used for effective healing skill (when compared to healing difficulty) was altered:[1]
      • Trained Healing: (Buffed Healing Skill + Kit Bonus) * 1.1
      • Specialized Healing: (Buffed Healing Skill + Kit Bonus) * 1.5
    • A new combat mode healing animation was added.
      • Note: Previously, the combat mode heal sequence dropped the player to peace mode, healed, and then reverted the player to combat mode.[2]
  • As part of the Spring 2014 patch the following changes were made;
    • Healing animations are now shorter. The heal comes earlier in the animation.
  • As part of the May Patch the following changes were made;
    • Healing in combat mode now has a difficulty modifier of 1.1, down from 1.3.

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