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June 2003 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "I hear that the people in Wai Jhou have been busy with some new project."
Town Crier tells you, "I love the roadway from Arwic to Glenden Wood, the Obsidian Span, the run along the river and the gorgeous valleys, remind me of Ispar."
Town Crier tells you, "Who would have ever thought that Jaleh was married?"
Town Crier tells you, "The High Queen is concerned about what she heard from Knorr regarding the Olthoi."
Town Crier tells you, "Ahurenga Tumeroks recently ran a crazy Tumerok out of town. I think he lured an olthoi into town."
Town Crier tells you, "Wai Jhou towns folk claim to have learned humility or something."
Town Crier tells you, "What happened to those Virindi? Did you see them? I've never been so scared!"
Town Crier tells you, "You know that old igloo, way up north, used to hold a mysterious shivering stone? You don't want to go there now. Trust me on this one."
Town Crier tells you, "Sorry -- no time to talk! I'm getting ready for a party at my monarch's villa!"
Town Crier tells you, "I heard the Black Death Catacombs have become much more dangerous."
Town Crier tells you, "You know--It's possible that Jaleh was mixed up with the wrong element. He did just appear as a town owner a couple years back. Of course there was the fact that he is on Elysa's council. I wonder what she thinks about this."
Town Crier tells you, "What's red and blue and green and black and gold and white and… Oh just go visit the Obsidian Plains."
Town Crier tells you, "The Olthoi Horde Nests are among the lairs the High Queen would like investigated."
Town Crier tells you, "With the seasons come greater changes. I've never seen so many different types of Drudges
Town Crier tells you, "I donated a bunch of metal salvage to the collectors in Wai Jhou. Let's take back Dereth! Well, I guess we never had it to begin with, but... you know.
Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear about the crazy Tumerok who rides olthoi? I think he should start a road show where he does various olthoi riding tricks."
Town Crier tells you, "Wai Jhou vendors are selling high and buying low now. I got some really good deals there. They say they don't want pyreal to distract them from the path."
Town Crier tells you, "Apparently Jaleh had some meetings during the day that his wife knew about, but he never came home that night? I wonder what happened."
Town Crier tells you, "I hear that Ciandra took on an apprentice. Nice looking girl. I wonder if she gets lonely out there in Xarabydun? Maybe I'll stop by on my day off."
Town Crier tells you, "Oh just like everyone else, my advice is only good enough for a single pyreal! Well thank you, Mr. Pyrealbags this'll go a long way toward providing for my family. I'm sure that an egg will feed me, my three kids and my wife."
Town Crier tells you, "Oh you just don't know..."

Ulgrim Rumors

No new messages this month.

New UI and Game Changes

  • Your character's natural drain resistance now protects you against spells that drain stamina and mana, and not just health.
  • You can now recall to your monarch's Villa using the "@house mansion_recall" and "@house alleg_recall" commands.

New Quests

Updated Quests

  • Atlan Weapons Quest
    • Peerless weapons now have +7% Melee Defense and +7% Attack.
    • Superior weapons now have +5% Melee Defense and +5% Attack.
    • Requirements removed from Major stones.
    • Timer changed to 1 hour for stones.
    • New weapon spells and the vulnerability spells have been removed.
    • Stones and tool no longer attuned and bonded.
    • Black Fire Weapons are now Ivoryable.
  • Isparian Weapons Quest
    • Weapons are no longer attuned (even if stoned).
    • No longer cast debuffs.
    • Some lowered skill requirements, increased damage and new spells.
    • New NPC - Alaine the Apprentice.
    • Emissary of Asheron step no longer necessary.
    • New skill check on Ingots.
    • Decanter + Diamond Powder = Thick Oil, skill check 300.
    • New Ingot Descriptions.
    • Fathomless Chasm dungeons level restrictions updated.
  • Minor Atlan Stones/Major Atlan Stones
    • Minor Frost and Minor Sparking stones relocated. Old caves now have Runed chests instead.
    • Heritage rumors replaced with store bought rumors.
    • Spells on each stone updated.

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

Points of Interest

New Items

  • Jojii Shrine Icon.png
Jojii Shrine
  • Wai Jhou (Town Sign) Icon.png
Wai Jhou (Town Sign)

Heart of Innocence Quest
  • Missing Person Icon.png
Missing Person
  • Body of Jaleh al-Thani Icon.png
Body of Jaleh al-Thani
  • Heart of Innocence (Text) Icon.png
Heart of Innocence (Text)
  • Letter to Ro Bi-Jor Icon.png
Letter to Ro Bi-Jor
  • Aged Page Icon.png
Aged Page
  • Blood Stained Book Icon.png
Blood Stained Book
  • Note scrawled in blood Icon.png
Note scrawled in blood
  • Jaleh's Chain Shirt Icon.png
Jaleh's Chain Shirt
  • Jaleh's Leggings Icon.png
Jaleh's Leggings
  • Jaleh's Necklace Icon.png
Jaleh's Necklace
  • Jaleh's Silk Shirt Icon.png
Jaleh's Silk Shirt
  • Jaleh's Slippers Icon.png
Jaleh's Slippers
  • Jaleh's Turban Icon.png
Jaleh's Turban
  • Jaleh's Wedding Ring Icon.png
Jaleh's Wedding Ring
  • Key to Jaleh's Chest Icon.png
Key to Jaleh's Chest
  • Jaleh's Finery Chest Icon.png
Jaleh's Finery Chest
  • Heart of the Innocent Icon.png
Heart of the Innocent

Weeping Weapons
  • Weeping Atlatl Icon.png
Weeping Atlatl
  • Weeping Axe Icon.png
Weeping Axe
  • Weeping Bow Icon.png
Weeping Bow
  • Weeping Crossbow Icon.png
Weeping Crossbow
  • Weeping Claw Icon.png
Weeping Claw
  • Weeping Dagger Icon.png
Weeping Dagger
  • Weeping Mace Icon.png
Weeping Mace
  • Weeping Spear Icon.png
Weeping Spear
  • Weeping Staff Icon.png
Weeping Staff
  • Weeping Sword Icon.png
Weeping Sword
  • Weeping Wand Icon.png
Weeping Wand

Olthoi Weapons Quest
  • A Note from a Scout Icon.png
A Note from a Scout
  • Note from a Scout Icon.png
Note from a Scout
  • Olthoi Crest Icon.png
Olthoi Crest
  • Olthoi Femur Icon.png
Olthoi Femur
  • Olthoi Long Claw Icon.png
Olthoi Long Claw
  • Olthoi Stab Claw Icon.png
Olthoi Stab Claw
  • Small Olthoi Grub Icon.png
Small Olthoi Grub
  • Acid Olthoi Axe Icon.png
Acid Olthoi Axe
  • Olthoi Acid Katar Icon.png
Olthoi Acid Katar
  • Olthoi Atlatl Icon.png
Olthoi Atlatl
  • Olthoi Spear Icon.png
Olthoi Spear
  • Grub Bite Icon.png
Grub Bite

Oswald's Dirk Quest
  • Chunk of Wood Icon.png
Chunk of Wood
  • Puzzle Box (Trial of the Vagabond) Icon.png
Puzzle Box (Trial of the Vagabond)
  • Dusty Sollerets Icon.png
Dusty Sollerets
  • Empty Mug Icon.png
Empty Mug
  • Half Empty Cider Icon.png
Half Empty Cider
  • Strands of Silk Icon.png
Strands of Silk
  • Sweet Smelling Bark Icon.png
Sweet Smelling Bark
  • Wooden Tablet Icon.png
Wooden Tablet
  • Blue Ball (Oswald's Dirk) Icon.png
Blue Ball (Oswald's Dirk)
  • Green Ball (Oswald's Dirk) Icon.png
Green Ball (Oswald's Dirk)
  • Red Ball (Oswald's Dirk) Icon.png
Red Ball (Oswald's Dirk)
  • Judgment Statue Icon.png
Judgment Statue
  • Shim Shim Icon.png
Shim Shim
  • Po Po Icon.png
Po Po
  • Babysitter Icon.png
  • Mu Mu Icon.png
Mu Mu
  • Cao Cao Icon.png
Cao Cao
  • Yellow Ball (Oswald's Dirk) Icon.png
Yellow Ball (Oswald's Dirk)
  • Oswald's Key Icon.png
Oswald's Key
  • Oswald's Chest Icon.png
Oswald's Chest
  • Heart of Innocence (Text) Icon.png
Heart of Innocence (Text)
  • Oswald's Dirk Icon.png
Oswald's Dirk

Putiputipuh's Onga
  • Tekapuapuh's Note Icon.png
Tekapuapuh's Note
  • Dead Olthoi Icon.png
Dead Olthoi
  • Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 1 Icon.png
Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 1
  • Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 2 Icon.png
Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 2
  • Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 3 Icon.png
Mysterious Tumerok Artifact 3
  • Olthoi Cistern Icon.png
Olthoi Cistern
  • Glowing Pustule Icon.png
Glowing Pustule
  • Panaq (Putiputipuh's Onga) Icon.png
Panaq (Putiputipuh's Onga)

Town Founder
  • New Town Stamp Icon.png
New Town Stamp
  • Miner Title Token Icon.png
Miner Title Token
  • Timberman Title Token Icon.png
Timberman Title Token
  • Trapper Title Token Icon.png
Trapper Title Token

  • A Sparking Stone Icon.png
A Sparking Stone
  • Duplicated Portals Icon.png
Duplicated Portals

Updated Items

New Spells

  • Speed of the Hunter - My movements shall become as the wind, silent and swift. Decreases the base speed of a weapon by 30.


Portaldat 200306.png

New Creatures

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Human Icon.png Human

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Monouga Icon.png Monouga

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

No Class Icon.png No Class

Rat Icon.png Rat

Shreth Icon.png Shreth

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Target Icon.png Target

Undead Icon.png Undead


Click image for full size.

Splash Screen

Heart of Woe Splash Screen.jpg

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