Helm of Gratitude

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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Fiun Healing Machine Quest Updated:  Secrets of the Apostates
Helm of Gratitude
Value: 7,000
700 Burden Units
Helm of Gratitude Icon.png

Armor Level: 350
Covers Head

You must be at least level 80 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Leadership Mastery Self VI, Impenetrability VI, Minor Endurance, Armor Self VI, Morimoto's Blessing, Invulnerability Self VI

Armor Level: 350
Slashing: Average (300)
Piercing: Average (300)
Bludgeoning: Above Average (360)
Fire: Above Average (360)
Cold: Above Average (420)
Acid: Above Average (420)
Electric: Above Average (420)
Nether: Average (350)

Activation Requirements: Arcane Lore: 200

Spellcraft: 325
Mana: 850
Mana Cost: 1 point per 40 seconds.

Helm of Gratitude


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