Hoary Mattekar Robe

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Introduced:  Sudden Season Updated:  From the Darkness Born, Present Dilemma
Retired Versions:  1
Hoary Mattekar Robe
Value: 4,000
1,300 Burden Units
Hoary Mattekar Robe Icon.png

Rare, lightweight, but warm robe crafted from the hide of the elusive Hoary Mattekar, rumored to appear only under certain conditions.

Armor Level: 150
Covers Chest, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Feet

Armor Level: 150
Slashing: Above Average (180)
Piercing: Average (135)
Bludgeoning: Average (135)
Fire: Below Average (105)
Cold: Unparalleled (300)
Acid: Average (150)
Electric: Unparalleled (300)
Nether: Average (150)

Hoary Mattekar Robe


You give Gillian the Poacher Hoary Mattekar Robe.
Gillian the Poacher tells you, "You want this let out so it can be worn as an over-robe too?"
Gillian the Poacher tells you, "It's been a popular change these days."
Gillian the Poacher gives you Hoary Mattekar Over-robe.
Gillian the Poacher tells you, "There, you should be able to get armor on with it now."
Palettes for Hoary Mattekar Robe
ACID Name Description Sample Hex Sample Hex
3796 MattekarWhite Main C5C5C5
1456 Kahki Trim 5F5015 6D581C
1162 Iron Belt 7A7A7A
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
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