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Hobbies in Asheron's Call are activities not strictly related to character advancement, hunting, questing etc.


Barbers and Hairstyles

Main article: Barbers and Hairstyles

You can change your character's facial appearance, skin color and hairstyle at the Barbers in each of the capital towns.

In addition, Empyreans can chose to become "earthbound" (walk rather than float) and Undead and Shadow characters can choose to have the particle effects (the flaming skull or the Shadow crown) removed.


Main article: Tailoring

Tailoring allows you to take the appearance of an item that looks good and add that appearance to another item equipped in the same place(s) with more favorable adventuring qualities. It is also possible to use armor reduction tools to reduce multi-slot items to single slot (i.e. a 3 slot amuli coat to a 1 slot coat).


Pack Dolls

Main article: Pack Dolls

Pack dolls are miniature dolls modeled after NPCs or Creatures. There are 40 Pack Dolls to choose from, some of which are very rare and sought after by player collectors. Many pack dolls are animated or animate when used and make excellent Housing Decorations.


Main article: Pets

Pets are mostly visual items modeled after ingame creatures that simply follow you around. However, some pets also cast useful cantrip spells on you that stack with other spells.

Retired and Unique Items

See Retired Items and Unique Items

Fun and Games


Main article: Chess


Main article: Fishing


Main article: Gambling

House Decorating

Main article: Housing Decorations

You can decorate your home by placing items on House Hooks. There are many items created specifically for houses such as items that portal you to locations, items that cast spells, interactive items that animate and/or make sounds and also many purely decorative items. The larger Houses have a large amount of hooks than the smaller housing options allowing you to decorate with many more items.

Tactical Defense Game

Main article: Tactical Defense Game

Seasonal Activities

Main article: Seasonal Quests and Events

Seasonal activities occur during certain times of the year. For example, most Masks and Guises are only available for crafting during the Harvest festival, and the Night Club only opens during the Asheron's Call anniversary.


Main articles: Stipends, Society Stipends


Main article: Wedding Trials

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