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October 2010 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Patch Size: 4,556k (Client: 1,376k)

Teaser Images

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Release Notes


Town Crier Rumors

Free Rumors:

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard rumors that there is now more than one of Asheron's Emissaries mobilizing adventurers against the Apostate Virindi."
Town Crier tells you, "It seems the Archons may have succeeded in their quest to destroy the Black Pool. It is strange, though, that they seem to be missing or in hiding."
Town Crier tells you, "News! The Festivus time is once again upon us!"

Pyreal Rumors:

Town Crier tells you, "Another of Asheron's Emissaries has been sighted just south of Cragstone. In all my time on Dereth, I've never seen Asheron so active. Dark times ahead, I tell you."
Town Crier tells you, "Asheron seems to be even more concerned now that the the ground has been damaged by the Archons magic. What is below the surface of this world that could worry him in this way?"

Ulgrim Rumors

Free Rumors:

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "It's a shame those Archons went out of their way to get rid of that Black Pool. A drink of that substance gave me a buzz like I've never felt before."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Hmmph. Some stupid glowy-thing tried to get me to go on an adventure. What's with those things? It wouldn't even get me something to drink as a reward...

Stout Rumors:

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Asheron seems to be doing a lot of work lately to get some pile of lost Empyreans back. I hope at least one of them is a brewer, or a barkeep even."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Geraine causing trouble. The Archons causing trouble. Asheron worried about the consequences of the actions from those Archons. Sounds like another day in Dereth to me. I'll be here drinking, let me know if anything interesting happens like a giant winged creature were to show up and start laying waste to the land. Now that would be worth checking out."

New Quests

Live Events

  • November 2, 2010: Siege on Shoushi
    • Many dangerous critters staged an attack on Shoushi, including BZ. When the dust settled, Hero Tokens littered the ground among the many player corpses.
    • Nullified Statues in each town are spraying purple electricity out of their tops, and 10th Anniversary Night Club Tickets have appeared nearby along with a Night Club Attendant to collect them.

Updated Quests

Asheron in his Castle now gives the following dialog:
Asheron says, "The Archons went through with their plan to rid themselves of the Black Pool."
Asheron says, "I fear that the damage the caused to the land may have spread further down then they expected. If so than we must prepare for the fight that will come."
Asheron says, "This is exactly why I urged them to stop their plan. I can only imagine how his power may have grown while imprisoned so deep within the world."

  • Monthly Explorer Society Quests
    • WARNING: These quests are standalone quests, the xp bonuses are strictly handled by the NPCs in Kara, speak to them after finishing to get your bonus. Also your timer for the bonuses depend on when you completed last month's set of quests, speak to each NPC to find out if your timer hasn't expired yet. More details here.
    • Quests for October:

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

  • Black Pool at 4.3S, 14.8E down the road south of Samsur - the Pool has been destroyed and the trio of Undead have disappeared. There is now a scar in the earth, and the sky is enshrouded in darkness overhead regardless of the time of day.

New Items

  • Dark Apostate Shard Icon.png
Dark Apostate Shard
  • Glowing Apostate Shard Icon.png
Glowing Apostate Shard
  • Engorged Bloodstone Shard Icon.png
Engorged Bloodstone Shard
  • Empyrean Over-robe Icon.png
Empyrean Over-robe
  • Empyrean Robe Icon.png
Empyrean Robe

  • Wooden Scarecrow Guise Icon.png
Wooden Scarecrow Guise
  • Wand (BZ) Icon.png
Wand (BZ)

Updated Items

New Spells

New Titles

  • No new titles this month.


Portaldat 201010.png

New Creatures

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Misc. Creature Class Icon.png Misc. Creature Class

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Undead Icon.png Undead

Virindi Icon.png Virindi


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Known Issues

  • Gearknights can't wear the new robes.[1]
  • Using the Glowing Apostate Shard near the turbulent portal can give the success message without actually spawning the portal.
The crystal glows brightly for a moment when you activate it, and a Portal appears!


  • Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Interesting. This is similar to the Apostate Shards being found in the area of the Iron Blade Gear Knights, but there seems to be some sort of supression [sic] effect or ward upon it."
  • Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Here you go. Don't waste time, however, as it seems somewhat unstable. Head back to the steam vents near the Freebooter Isle Volcano, find an anomoly [sic] that looks similar to the destroyed portals, and use it next to the fluxuations [sic] you see."

Splash Screen

Hopes and Fears Splash Screen.jpg

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