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Noble Dericostian House. The Lord and the Lady fled the court from Dericost to Dereth when Lord Cynreft Mhoire learned that Prince Geraine IV had become undead.[1]

At the conclusion of the Millennium War Geraine and his servants, including Rytheran, fled to Dereth to escape their destruction.[1] Rytheran found the Mhoires[1]

In an attempt to protect his lord and nobles from being turned by Lord Rytheran and His Eternal Splendor, the Jester confronted Rytheran with a plan to trick him for godlike power and in exchange he would give the house over to him. However, he was also betrayed and the Book of Eibhil left him mad with power, allowing Rytheran and the imperial court to use him to locate the House Mhoire and destroy it. [2]

Rytheran used the Book of Eibhil,[3][4][5] to destroy the Mhoire estate and torture and corrupt the people.[6] All of the House Mhoire was destroyed, with only the graveyard remaining, which was eventually swallowed by the earth.[1]

Later, at some point after Wintersebb, 17 PY[7] and before Wintersebb, 18 PY, Rytheran entered the hidden library below the mage academy and read from the Book of Eibhil.[6] He did so in an attempt to refresh his fading mind, which according to his letter to Aerfalle was successful.[6] However, his reading from the book caused the graveyard to be unearthed and the spirits of the Mhoires to awaken.[6]

The floating Mhoire Castle over the Graveyard was invaded by Rytheran's forces[8][9], and used to keep Hoshino Kei captive before her wedding.[10]

The House Mhoire Undead have chosen to join the alliance with the peoples of Dereth. These Undead are refugees from an ancient curse laid upon House Mhoire by the Dericost.[11]


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