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Housing commands are used to make your home more accessible or restrictive, more visually appealing, to facilitate returning and for general maintenance of your home.

Note: You may use either a forward slash (/) or an at symbol (@) to begin any command and the shorter prefix /hou instead of /house.

Command(s) Effect
/help house Brings up a Help menu with all the commands listed below. Note: To find help on any of the following commands, type /help <command name>.
/house abandon Abandons your house. Warning: Any items within your house will be lost!!
/hslist apartment lists the number of available apartments (400 max.)
/hslist cottage lists available cottages (400 max.)
/hslist villa lists available villas (400 max.)
/hslist mansion lists available mansions
/house boot <name> Removes a player from your house. @house boot all - Removes everyone from your house.
/house guest add <name> Adds players to your house guest list. (max 128 guests.)
/house guest remove <name> Removes players from your house guest list.
/house guest add_allegiance Adds your allegiance to the guest list.
/house guest remove_allegiance Removes your allegiance from the guest list.
/house guest remove_all Removes all guests from your house guest list.
/house guest list Shows the current guest list.
/house recall or /hor Teleports you to your house.
/house mansion_recall, /house alleg_recall or /hom, /hoa Teleports you to your allegiance mansion or villa.
/house storage add <name> Gives a player permission to use your house storage. Warning: Adding players to the storage list will allow them to remove any items that you have within any chests in your home. Make sure that you know and trust any individuals that you add to your storage list.
/house storage remove <name> Removes permission to use your house storage from a player.
/house storage remove_all Removes all storage permissions from guests.
/house open Creates an open house, allowing anyone to enter your home.
/house close Closes your house, preventing people from entering your home.
/house hooks on|off Makes the hooks in your house visible or invisible. In addition, there are several items that can be used while hooked. To use these items, your hooks must be off and invisible


  • During The Holiday Rush event the Housing guest list was expanded to 128 guests.
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