Installing Decal on Windows 7

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As posted by yaroz_vn on the VN Forums: Here

Prerequisite Files

Short Tutorial for Installation

1. New install of Windows 7 - 64bit

2. Download and install all updates for Win7

3. Download and install the Asheron's Call client from and click on "Client Download"

3a. While installing, be sure to change the install path from "C:\Program Files (x86)..." to "C:\Games" This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you have copies of the current client_cell_1.dat, client_highres.dat, client_local_English.dat, and client_portal.dat, copy them to the directory that you installed to.

4. Launch AC, log in and update to ensure that you have successfully installed AC. Answer "Allow Access" to any firewall messages that pop up.

5. Install DirectX 9.0c

6. Install Decal

6a. Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT to change the install path during the install. Change it from "C:\Program Files (x86)" to something like "C:\Games"

7. Find Decal running in your system tray. Right click, and select close.

8. Right click on Decal on your desktop, and select "Run as administrator"

9. Right click on Decal in your system tray, and select "Configure".

10. When prompted stating that "One or more of your XML files were not found!", click on the OK button

11. Click on "Update" and wait for the window to refresh with black checks instead of red x's.

12. Again, load Asheron's Call to ensure that you have no problems logging onto the server. This time, you should actually enter the game to ensure that Decal is loading properly. You should see the decal bar with the DHS icon in the upper left corner.

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