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Introduced:  Evolution Related Quests:  Monouga Feeding Pit

Found on the ground near the start of the Monouga Feeding Pits.

Instructions (Monouga Feeding Pit) Icon.png Instructions
A short note found in the Monouga Feeding Pit.

Instructions for Care and Feeding of Monougas
1. DO NOT go into the monouga's cavern or it will eat you.
2. Ring bell.
3. Watch attendant drudge hurl food into pit.
4. Leave

Diverging from these instructions will result in great pain.

(Note for the more intelligent drudges - the reason we must feen the monougas this way is that, for security purposes, we do not have a stable portal set up from our outposts to the breeding pit. The bells trigger a portal summoning on both the monouga to be fed as well as the trained attendant drudge. In an hour, a latent recall occurs, bringing the monouga back. In this way, we maximize security of the breeding pit.

-- Bonecrunch

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