Ivory Crafter

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Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  Hamud's Demise, Masks and Guises Updated:  Learning From Experience
Ivory Crafter

Trophy Crafter
Non-Player Killer

Strength 80
Endurance 80
Coordination 75
Quickness 75
Focus 50
Self 60
Health 125
Stamina 200
Mana 120

Location: Found in various towns (see list below)
Ivory Crafter Live.jpg



  • Ivory Crafters accept a wide variety of trophies for xp and item rewards.


Crafter Turn Ins

Turn In Items Experience Pyreals Reward Items
Acid Axe Icon.png Acid Axe 37,500xp -- None

Ash Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Ash Gromnie Tooth 5,000xp --
Ash Tooth Dagger Icon.png Ash Tooth Dagger

Auroch Horn Icon.png Auroch Horn 1,000??xp --
Auroch Horn Spear Icon.png Auroch Horn Spear

Azure Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Azure Gromnie Tooth 1,000xp --
Azure Tooth Atlatl Dart Icon.png Azure Tooth Atlatl Dart x10

Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy) Icon.png Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy) --xp --
Banderling Bone Ring Icon.png Banderling Bone Ring

Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol Icon.png Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol 6,000??xp --
Trade Note (50,000) Icon.png Trade Note (50,000)

Brass Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Brass Gromnie Tooth 18,375xp --
Brass Knuckles Icon.png Brass Knuckles

Carenzi Fangs Icon.png Carenzi Fangs --xp --
Needletooth Icon.png Needletooth

Copper Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Copper Gromnie Tooth  ??xp --
Copper Cutlass Icon.png Copper Cutlass

Dark Revenant Thighbone Icon.png Dark Revenant Thighbone 11,250xp --
Trade Note (50,000) Icon.png Trade Note (50,000)

Ebon Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Ebon Gromnie Tooth 12,750xp --
Ebon Tooth Katar Icon.png Ebon Tooth Katar

Fire Auroch Horn Icon.png Fire Auroch Horn 4,500xp 1,500p None

Great Mattekar Horn Icon.png Great Mattekar Horn  ??xp  ??p None

Huge Monouga Rib Icon.png Huge Monouga Rib -- --
Eyeslayer (Huge) Icon.png Eyeslayer (Huge)

Ice Tachi Icon.png Ice Tachi 10,000??xp -- None

Insidious Monouga Idol Icon.png Insidious Monouga Idol  ??xp --
Tremendous Monouga Pack Doll Icon.png Tremendous Monouga Pack Doll

Ivory Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Ivory Gromnie Tooth 1,000xp --
Ivory Tooth Dart Icon.png Ivory Tooth Dart x10

Jade Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Jade Gromnie Tooth 2,000xp --
Jade Tooth Quarrel Icon.png Jade Tooth Quarrel x10

Large Monouga Rib Icon.png Large Monouga Rib -- --
Eyeslayer (Large) Icon.png Eyeslayer (Large)

Lich Skull Icon.png Lich Skull 3,750xp 3,000p None

Merciless Monouga Idol Icon.png Merciless Monouga Idol 6,000??xp --
Trade Note (50,000) Icon.png Trade Note (50,000)

Mite Leg Bone Icon.png Mite Leg Bone -- --
Mace of Dissonance Icon.png Mace of Dissonance

Nefane Shell Icon.png Nefane Shell -- --
Nefane Shield Icon.png Nefane Shield

Niffis Pearl Icon.png Niffis Pearl 6,000xp 3,000p None

Niffis Shell (Trophy) Icon.png Niffis Shell 5,000xp --
Niffis Shell Helm Icon.png Niffis Shell Helm

Primeval Skeleton Shin Bone Icon.png Primeval Skeleton Shin Bone -- --
Dastardly Dirk Icon.png Dastardly Dirk
Trade Note (50,000) Icon.png Trade Note (50,000)

Rust Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Rust Gromnie Tooth 1,000xp --
Ruddy Tooth Spiketail Icon.png Ruddy Tooth Spiketail x10

Sable Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Sable Gromnie Tooth 11,250xp --
Sable Tooth Dirk Icon.png Sable Tooth Dirk

Sharp Tusker Slave Tusk Icon.png Sharp Tusker Slave Tusk 7,500??xp --
Trade Note (5,000) Icon.png Trade Note (5,000)

Skeleton Skull Icon.png Skeleton Skull 1,500xp --
Potion of Healing Icon.png Potion of Healing x10

Skull of High Acolyte Icon.png Skull of High Acolyte  ??xp -- None

Skull of a Dark Master Icon.png Skull of a Dark Master -- --
Skull Cap Icon.png Skull Cap

Skull of a Skeletal Hero Icon.png Skull of a Skeletal Hero -- --
Skeletal Helm Icon.png Skeletal Helm

Small Niffis Shell Icon.png Small Niffis Shell 1,000??xp --
Niffis Shell (Shield) Icon.png Niffis Shell (Shield)

Swamp Gromnie Tooth Icon.png Swamp Gromnie Tooth 3,000xp --
Swamp Tooth Arrow Icon.png Swamp Tooth Arrow x10

Undead Femur bone Icon.png Undead Femur bone 7,500xp 5,000p None

Undead Thighbone Icon.png Undead Thighbone 3,000xp 3,000p None

Ursuin Fang Icon.png Ursuin Fang 9,000??xp --
Fang Mace Icon.png Fang Mace

Lore & Dialog

Ivory Crafter says, "I require stout gromnie teeth for my craft!"
Ivory Crafter tells you, "I am interested in various teeth, horns, shells, and skulls. For those I will reward you with useful items I make myself."

Learning From Experience
  • Xp rewards increased:
    • Acid Axe: 25,000 xp to 37,500.
    • Ash Gromnie Tooth: 5,000 to 7,500
    • Azure Gromnie Tooth: 500 to 1,000
    • Brass Gromnie Tooth: 12,250 to 18,375
    • Ebon Gromnie Tooth: 8,500 to 12,750
    • Ivory Gromnie Tooth: ?? to 1,000
    • Jade Gromnie Tooth: ?? to 2,000
    • Rust Gromnie Tooth: 500 to 1,000
    • Sable Gromnie Tooth: ?? to 11,250
    • Swamp Gromnie Tooth: ?? to 3,000
    • Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol: 6,000 to ??
    • Merciless Monouga Idol: 6,000 to ??
    • Carenzi Fangs: -- to  ??
    • Dark Revenant Thighbone: 7,500 to 11,250
    • Auroch Horn: 1,000 to ??
    • Fire Auroch Horn: ?? to 4,500
    • Ice Tachi: 10,000 to ??
    • Lich Skull: 2,500 to 3,750
    • Skeleton's Skull: 1,000 to 1,500
    • Niffis Pearl: 4,000 to 6,000
    • Niffis Shell: 5,000 to 7,500
    • Small Niffis Shell: 1,000 to ??
    • Sharp Tusker Slave Tusk: 7,500 to 17,500??
    • Undead Femur bone: 5,000 to 7,500
    • Undead Thighbone: 2,000 to 3,000
    • Ursuin Fang: 9,000 to ??
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