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  • Dereth is divided into a grid of 65,536 landblocks comprising a grid 256 blocks wide by 256 blocks high (values 0 to 255).
  • By convention, maps are named by the landblock they are in (multiple locations in the same landblock should be on the same map). This allows plugins to easily request available maps given your current location (regardless of the actual name, or chosen name, of the dungeon/area). This also avoids duplication if people call something by different names.
  • Though there are exceptions, when there is no player activity in most landblocks for five minutes, the resources for the landblock will be released from the server. This results in reset spawns. Corpse timers are also inactive if the landblock where the corpse is located is inactive (no player activity).
  • You can determine your landblock location at anytime by typing the /loc command. Ignore the 0x, the next 4 alphanumeric characters are the Hexadecimal code for the landblock you are currently in. The next four indicate where you are within the landblock. You can think of the code as coordinates, starting in the lower left corner. The first two digits place you left to right, starting on the left. The second two digits place you top to bottom, starting at the bottom.
  • If you aren't comfortable using hex numbers you can convert them to decimal equivalents, for example with the windows calculator (in the View menu make sure Scientific is checked, click Hex, enter the value, then click Dec).
  • Some examples:
    • Caul drop is 0904, which is nine landblocks from the left edge of the map, and four landblocks from the bottom of the map (or in the very southwest corner).
    • Aphus Lassel drop is F682, which is F6 or 246 landblocks from the left edge of the map (almost to the right edge), and 82 or 130 landblocks from the bottom edge of the map.
  • As you might imagine, conversion to coordinates is not simplistic. Basically it involves translating a 256 scale to a 100*2 scale then moving the origin and converting to east west, north south.
  • "Asheron's Call 1 defines its geography as a grid of landblocks, each about a thousand square meters, which get dynamically load-balanced between subservers. But each landblock is load-balanced as a unit, so AC1 has a similar limitation in that a landblock cannot be split across multiple subservers." - Srand [1]

Caul drop:

  • Your location is: 0x09040008 [11.400000 188.600006 87.521667] -0.996345 0.000000 0.000000 -0.085417
  • The landblock is 0904
  • The next part, "0008", identifies which square in the 8x8 grid you are standing in. When this value is >= 0x0100 you are inside (either in a building or in a dungeon).
  • The next three values are your x, y, and z positions within the landblock. In a dungeon, they are the x, y, z position inside the entire dungeon.
  • The last four values are a quaternion representing your orientation. (I think it is w, x, y, z).

Aphus Lassel drop:

  • Your location is: 0xF6820033 [145.699997 49.855000 58.005001] -0.467544 0.000000 0.000000 -0.883970
  • Landblock f682
  • square 0033
  • position, heading
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