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Introduced:  Release Updated:  Lost in the New Horizon, The Slumbering Giant



  • The School of the Heart
Life Magic Icon.png Life Magic
Description Allows you to cast spells that heal and protect creatures.
Formula (Focus + Self) / 4
Base Status Unusable
Cost to Train 12
Cost to Specialize 8
Buffs Life Magic Mastery (Spell), Focus (Spell), Willpower (Spell)
Debuffs Life Magic Ineptitude (Spell), Bafflement (Spell), Feeblemind (Spell)

Starting Equipment


Spell Stacking

Update History

Lost in the New Horizon


  • Major changes made to the transfer spells (See here for more information.

The Slumbering Giant

  • Changes made to the range and drain percentages of transfer and harm spells. See here for more details.

Heart of Woe

  • Stamina and mana drain spells adjusted to work just like health drains in terms of percent drained and the received multiplier. See here for more information.

Across the Vast Divide

  • Transfer spells were adjusted with transfer caps and improved efficiency for the lower-level versions of the spells. See here for more information.

Mired Hearts

  • The Heal and Revitalize spells have been improved. See here for more information.

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