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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Fort Tethana
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 100+
Level Suggestions: 150+
Contracts: Contract for Lost Pet
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Darling's Collar
Ursuin Toy
MMDs: 4
Luminance: None
Max XP: 30,000,000
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Friend and Foe
Updated In: Reforging the Past,
Filling in the Blanks,
Learning From Experience
Related Quests: 50-100 Contracts Quest

Quest Overview

"Xsao has lost her darling pet. Can you find it?"

Walk Through

  1. Talk to Xsao Lann at Fort Tethana.
  2. Run to Creepy Canyons at 4.6N, 89.5W (level 100+).
  3. Make your way through the dungeon to the pit at the end.
  4. Jump down and kill Darling. Note that Darling is not a pushover for lower level characters. If you are less than level 150, use caution.
  5. Loot Darling's Collar and return it to Xsao Lann.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Creepy Canyons 4.6N, 89.5W -- 0031 -- --


Quest Items
  • Darling's Collar Icon.png
Darling's Collar

  • Darling's Collar Icon.png
Darling's Collar
  • Ursuin Toy Icon.png
Ursuin Toy

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Return Darling's Collar to Xsao 30,000,000xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.


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Lore & Dialog

Talking to Xsao Lann for the first time:

Xsao Lann tells you, "Have you seen my pet? I was walking around 4.6N 89.5W when she disappeared."
Xsao Lann tells you, "Her name is Darling and I would be ever so grateful if you could bring her home to me."
Xsao Lann starts to break down in tears.
Xsao Lann tells you, "*sniff*"
Xsao Lann tells you, "I miss my Darling so much. Please hurry and find her."

After handing Xsao Lann Darling's Collar:

You give Xsao Lann Darling's Collar.
Xsao Lann tells you, "Oh no! This is horrible. My cherished Darling is dead."
Xsao Lann begins to sob quietly
Xsao Lann tells you, "I loved her so very, very much."
Xsao Lann suddenly looks up at you.
Xsao Lann tells you, "You said there were lots of Tuskers down there?"
Xsao Lann tells you, "They're kind of cute too."
You've earned 30,000,00 experience.
Xsao Lann gives you Darling's Collar.
Xsao Lann gives you Ursuin Toy.

Talking to Xsao Lann after doing quest:

Xsao Lann tells you, "I've lost so many pets, I'm starting to lose count."
Xsao Lann tells you, "I wonder if Grievvers make good pets?"


  • During the Reforging the Past event, the quest received several updates:
    • The experience reward was increased from 3,700,000xp to 17,000,000xp.
    • The level restriction was reduced from 180+ to 100+.
    • The Timer was standardized to 6 days.
  • During the Filling in the Blanks event, the Lost Pet (Text) had its description updated to reflect the lower level restriction.
  • During the Learning From Experience event, the experience reward was updated again from 17,000,000 to 30,000,000.
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