Lunnum's Disappearance

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Fiun Gaya (89.1N 47.6W near Eastwatch)
Timer: 6 Days
Level Restrictions: 100+
Level Suggestions: 100+
Contracts: Contract for Lunnum's Disappearance
Rewards Summary
Items: None
Max XP:
Full details here
18,730,000 xp
Titles: None
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Introduced In: Reprisals
Related Quests: Lunnum's Pyre
Lunnum's Return
Did he do it? Or not?

Quest Overview

You must have completed the Lunnum's Pyre Quest before you can start this one. Also, this quest will flag you to do the Lunnum's Return (Undead Slayer) quest.

Walk Through

  1. After completing the Lunnum's Pyre Quest, Talk to Fiun Gaya at 89.1N 47.6W.
  2. After learning of the theft of Lunnum, follow the foot tracks north to the Thief's Encampment at 90.4N 47.6W. Pick up a Ruschk Totem, and optionally examine the Empty Dye Pot for an additional clue.
  3. Examine the totem for your next location: 83.2N, 54.6W - Ruschk Camp. Give the Totem to the Ruschk Camp Leader at 83.2N 54.6W, to receive a Thief's List.
  4. Going on the name and location in the thief's list, go to Al-Jalima and show the list to Janda Sulifiya the Mask Maker at 7.4N 4.6E. She'll give you a Sketch of a Viamontian.
  5. [OPTIONAL] Show the sketch to the Grand Knight of Sanamar and the Grand Mother of Silyun for additional clues.
  6. Show the Sketch to Fabian Strinjelli in Sanamar at 72.0N 61.1W, who will mention someone called Andrilos.
  7. [OPTIONAL] Go to the Cottage of Andrilos, at 78.6N, 72.2W. There is a note lying on the log next to the door saying "Gone hunting in the Thrungal Den".
  8. Go to the Thrungal Den at 79.4N 71.6W near Westwatch, level 100+
  9. Find Andrilos. He may be found by heading more or less right and down.
  10. You have the choice to kill him or not.
    • If you kill Andrilos, he will drop the Worn Token, which you can show to the Grand Knight and Grand Mother for additional information.
    • If you do not kill Andrilos, simply show him the sketch. (Note: there is a 20,000,000xp bonus from the Search for Lunnum quest if you do not kill him)
  11. Return to Fiun Gaya. Give him the token if you killed Andrilos, or speak with him if you did not. Gaya will reward you, and you will now be flagged for the Lunnum's Return.


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Thrungal Den 79.4N, 71.6W -- 0065 -- --


Quest Items
  • Ruschk Totem Icon.png
Ruschk Totem
  • Sketch of a Viamontian Icon.png
Sketch of a Viamontian
  • Thief's List Icon.png
Thief's List
  • Worn Token Icon.png
Worn Token

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Complete quest 18,730,000xp

5% up to level ??

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore & Dialog

Fiun Gaya tells you, "A dark deed must you uncover."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "In the night a thief crept to the Pyre while I slept. Awoke I did, the moment the Pyre was disturbed, but quick and sneaky was the thief. It stayed in darkness, but managed to snatch Lunnum from the light. I raged at the thief, but alas I was too weak to stop it. I remember red eyes and then the fog of dreams."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "My need is to be here and keep the light. Your need is to catch the thief and return Lunnum. Please, find the thief, she must be returned to the light!"

Fiun Gaya tells you, "Hurry, you need to find the thief who stole Lunnum. She must be returned to the light! The thief was fairly large, perhaps it left some footprints nearby."

As you look into the Leader's eyes you see an image in you mind. A small, funny looking Ruschk sneaks into the tent and takes a totem. Then the Ruschk attack the stranger, but it manages to summon a portal and escape.
You give Ruschk Camp Leader Ruschk Totem.
You look into the Ruschk Leader's eyes and he nods and gives you a piece of paper. You suddenly know that the thief dropped this when escaping the Ruschk Camp.
Ruschk Camp Leader gives you Thief's List.

You give Janda Sulifiya Thief's List.
Janda Sulifiya tells you, "Hmmm, yes, I remember a Viamontian came into town looking for me to make a full Ruschk Guise for him. I've never made a full guise of a Ruschk and I must say it didn't turn out so well, but the man seemed pleased. He didn't say much, but I remember his face. Here, I'll make a sketch of him for you."
Janda Sulifiya gives you Sketch of a Viamontian.
Janda Sulifiya tells you, "I don't know if it's important, but I just remembered that he summoned a portal to Sanamar after he bought his guise. He made a big show of it too. Haha, As if I've never seen a portal summoning!"

You allow Fiun Gaya to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Fiun Gaya tells you, "This is the thief? This would be the desecrator?"
Fiun Gaya tells you, "He must pay! He must give us back the Light of the Fiun! He must die! You must take Lunnum back from this foul snatcher of hopes."

You allow Grand Knight to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Grand Knight tells you, "Yes, I have had dealings with this man. You say he stole a corpse?"
Grand Knight tells you, "Well, what people do in their spare time is none of my concern."

You allow Grand Mother to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Grand Mother tells you, "Why would you show me this man's sketch?"
Grand Mother tells you, "No matter, I've never seen this shabby man before."

You allow Fabian Strinjelli to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Fabian Strinjelli tells you, "Yes, I have seen this man. He shops in town quite often. I believe his name is Andrilos. He lives somewhere in the Northern woods of Lotila Island."

Andrilos tells you, "These fungal growths are facinating. Don't you agree? Collecting and categorizing the fungus in these caves is my hobby. It's important to have a hobby."
Andrilos tells you, "Did you want to ask me something?"

You allow Andrilos to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Andrilos tells you, "Hmmm, I have to admit that this does look like me, but I was nowhere near Lunumm's Pyre when you say the theft took place. I... I was engaged in a private matter. I can't disclose all of the details or I might endanger other peoples lives, but I assure you that I am not your thief."

Andrilos tells you, "I remember you! I won't talk to you. All I will say is that I have been unjustly accused."

You allow Andrilos to examine your Sketch of a Viamontian.
Andrilos tells you, "I keep telling you, that is not me! Why would I want to take this Lunnum you speak of?"

You beat Andrilos to a lifeless pulp!
Andrilos tells you, "I'm telling you, you have the wrong man. Why do you insist on attacking me."
Your final blow silences Andrilos and he slumps limply to the cave floor.

You allow Grand Knight to examine your Worn Token.
Grand Knight tells you, "A hero? A hero wouldn't let a symbol of honor become so damaged. It almost looks like it was worn down on purpose... Who did you say you took this from?"
Grand Knight tells you, "Hmmm, this bears further investigation. Thank you."

You allow Grand Mother to examine your Worn Token.
Grand Mother tells you, "No, I cannot say I know what this token means. I would think a hero wouldn't give an important token like this away..."
Grand Mother tells you, "Where did you find this?"
Grand Mother tells you, "If you are responsible for taking this token from a hero I wouldn't dare show it to anyone else. There might be... repercussions."

If you killed Andrilos
You give Fiun Gaya Worn Token.
Fiun Gaya tells you, "The thief has been slain, but I gain no joy in this. She is still lost and I will die without her light."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "You have done well in finding the snatcher of hope and you deserve what rewards I can give you."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "I have word that Fiun Layeel at the Fiun Outpost whishes to speak with you. Please, leave me now. I must find a way to find her."

You've earned 18,730,000 experience.

If you didn't kill Andrilos
Fiun Gaya tells you, "You found the thief, but you didn't slay him? I have great respect for life so I can see why you made such a decision. I however do not hold this Andrilos to be worthy of sympathy. He is beneath contempt."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "Be that as it may, you have done what you believe is right and I must respect that. You found the snatcher of hope, but her light is still lost to me."
Fiun Gaya tells you, "I have word that Fiun Layeel at the Fiun Outpost whishes to speak with you. Please, leave me now."

You've earned 4,965,572 experience.(level 109)

Fiun Gaya tells you, "You have aided me in re-stoking the pyre and finding Lunnum's thief. Please, leave me to tend the pyre until something more I need of you."
You must wait 5d 22m 46s to complete this quest again.

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