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Best-of-the-Year Awards

February 2, 2000

Several major gaming sites have recently bestowed best-of-the-year kudos on Asheron's Call. CNET's Gamecenter gave AC their Best RPG award for 1999, declared AC last year's best game all around, and Gamezilla stamped it with their editor's choice for best online /multiplayer title. Of course, AC has received dozens of great reviews, but with all the outstanding, groundbreaking games that came out just before the turn of the millennium, winning best of year in any category, let alone all-around best, represents a huge achievement. Thanks for your support. You can be sure we'll keep evolving the world of Dereth to be the most immersive, intriguing experience on the Net!

Update: February 17, 2000

Gamer's Voice recently announced AC as the winner of their 1999 Gamer's Choice Award in the category of "best online/multiplayer game." Nominees included Everquest, Quake III Arena, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, and Unreal Tournament.
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