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The Milanteans are an Isparian heritage group that live to the north of the Souia-Vey.[1] and to the southeast of the Aluvians.[2] To the west lies the Ironsea. At least part of their country contained "gloomy moors".[3] For now, their region has been free of portals to Dereth.

They were seen as grim and superstitious.[2]


On Ispar

The young Milantos Empire is responsible for exterminating the Kael Arran, a people who presaged the Gharu'ndim and the Rouleans, back in the earliest days of Milantean glory.. It took over 10 years and a hundred battles. At the place that would become known as the Red Sands, the Kael forsook their usual skirmish and retreat tactics as the Milantean Red filled the horizon from end to end. There was nowhere left to run. At the end of that day, over 50,000 Milantean Red soaked their last into the sands named after them. And the Kael Arran ceased to exist.[4]

The Milantean Kings, such as Laszko and Karuz seemed to have a tendency to experiment with dark magic, and use people from neighboring countries for sacrifices.[5][6]

Milantos repelled the Viamontian invasion of King Elous VI in a scorched-earth campaign.[7]

The Milanteans were known for their huge black warhorses.[8] It was not uncommon among the weapons of the Milantans to feed off the energy of its user.[9]

A royal son of Milantos named Kirne, married Queen Alfrega of Aluvia.[3]

On Dereth

The only Isparian on Dereth known to be Milantan is Nuhmudira.[4][10]


Name Bloodline Rank/Title Years of reign Notes
Arpad Unknown King  ?? - 981 RC - 984 RC

Laszko Unknown King 984 RC - 989 RC

Viktosz III Unknown King  ??

Karuz Unknown King  ??

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Religions and Beliefs

The Milanteans regard the shimmering aurora of the winter sky with fear, thinking of the aurora as the watchfires of Borimel's million snow demons, marching south to wrest control of the summer lands. [2]

Customs and Traditions

Milantos served justice swift and harsh to those who practiced "witchcraft" outside custom and law and people accused of this were stoned to death.[10]

Milantean women were seen of marriageable age relatively young.[3]

Since the earliest days of the kingdom of Milantos, the rulers of that dark land have hunted the Bristleback Boar as a ritual of manhood. It is forbidden for anyone to hunt the huge and vicious creatures without royal permission, and the meat, which is so tough it is nearly impossible to eat, is served only in royal halls.[11]

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Ridgeback Dagger
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Defiler of Milantos
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Black Thistle
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Staff of Tendrils
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