Modified Iasparailaun

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Introduced:  Seeds of Hope Related Quests:  Gaerlan's Citadel
Modified Iasparailaun
Value: 50,000
450 Burden Units
Modified Iasparailaun Icon.png
A sword crafted by Gaerlan using techniques stolen from the Arcanum.

Special Properties: Bael'Zharon's Hate, Multi-Strike, Unenchantable

Skill: Finesse Weapons (Sword)
Damage: 25 - 50, Fire
Speed: Fast (30)
Bonus to Attack Skill: +20%
Bonus to Melee Defense: +20%

You must be Empyrean to wield this item.

With this I shall cleanse the vermin from this world. Then shall I strike the final blow through Asheron's heart.
Modified Iasparailaun Live.jpg


Lore & Dialog

You allow Agent of the Arcanum to examine your Modified Iasparailaun.
You hand over 1 of your Modified Iasparailauns.

Agent of the Arcanum tells you, "I see that you have visited revenge upon the man that wanted to bring our race to an end. Nuhmudira thanks you for this. Here is your reward."
You've earned 100,000,000 experience.
Agent of the Arcanum gives you 5 Trade Notes (250,000).
From this day forward, <player> shall be known as Gaerlan Slayer.

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