Monouga Feeding Pit Quest

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group
Start Location: Cragstone
Timer: 6 days
Level Restrictions: 80+, 120+, 150+
Level Suggestions: 80+, 120+, 150+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Eyeslayer (Large)
Eyeslayer (Huge)
Eyeslayer (Giant)
Max XP: None
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Evolution
Updated In: Intelligent Designs
Related Quests: Monouga Laboratory
Bell to ring for feeding time.

Quest Overview

You have one hour to kill an imprisoned Monouga before it gets portaled back to the Laboratory. There are three versions of this quest, based upon which direction you take at the 4-way intersection near the dungeon entrance.

A closely related quest, Monouga Laboratory, was added the patch after this quest was added. They are commonly done together.

Walk Through

Note: If you are doing both this quest and Monouga Laboratory, it is best to follow the steps for that quest as there are more. The steps for this quest are listed as optional on the other quest article.

  1. Run to the Monouga Feeding Pits at 9.8S 81.0W, southwest of Fort Tethana.
    • A 6.5 click run from Gear Knight Invasion Area Camp Recall.
    • If you don't have the Gear Knight Invasion Area Camp Recall Give Merkitz ibn'Akadh in Xarabydun one MMD Trade Note (250,000). He will summon a portal directly to the Direlands Gear Knight Resistance Camp.
  2. Enter the section of the dungeon appropriate to the level of the quest that you want to do:
    • 80+: South
    • 120+: East
    • 150+: North
  3. Ring the bell to summon an imprisoned Monouga from the Laboratory to the feeding pits. This portals him into the feeding pits for an hour.
  4. Once you ring the bell go to the door opposite the bell room. On the far side is a door that leads down to the imprisoned Monouga, There are no side exits on the way down so you cannot get lost.
  5. [OPTIONAL] If you see a Drudge Caretaker, you can kill it to get a Large Bag of Food (drops 10). This can be turned in to Jarvis Hammerstone for approximately 6 million experience.
  6. Kill the imprisioned Monouga and loot a rib. The monouga has a huge amount of health and a high regeneration rate. You probably cannot complete the quest in the time given without debuffing it. There are 10 ribs on the corpse.
  7. Give the rib to an Ivory Crafter to get a Thrown Weapon with the Monouga Slayer property.


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Monouga Feeding Pits 9.8S 81.0W 1A73.png 1A73.png -- -- --


Quest Items
  • Large Bag of Food Icon.png
Large Bag of Food
  • Large Monouga Rib Icon.png
Large Monouga Rib
  • Huge Monouga Rib Icon.png
Huge Monouga Rib
  • Giant Monouga Rib Icon.png
Giant Monouga Rib
  • Instructions (Monouga Feeding Pit) Icon.png
Instructions (Monouga Feeding Pit)

  • Eyeslayer (Large) Icon.png
Eyeslayer (Large)
  • Eyeslayer (Huge) Icon.png
Eyeslayer (Huge)
  • Eyeslayer (Giant) Icon.png
Eyeslayer (Giant)

Lore & Dialog

Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "Greetings, adventurer. I greet you in the name of Queen Elysa, whose command brings me here today."
Corporal Liao Chen gives you Monouga Laboratory Portal Attunement Gem.
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "We seek intrepid adventurers like yourself, who might be willing to help us investigate a concerning development. It seems that some travelers have discovered a cavern in which drudges have been keeping monougas captive. What is unusual is that the drudges have very sophisticated portal sending enchantments which would seem to be beyond their means. We suspect Virindi involvement of some sort."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "Therefore, Prince Borelean led an expedition to investigate this drudge cavern. When he was finished, he had determined a way to reverse the portal sending - to open a portal from that location to the source of the monougas. These portal gems are the result of that determination."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "The Queen has commanded that whatever lay on the other side of that portal transit should be explored carefully, with the assumption that whatever is there is hostile. To do so, take the gem I have given you and charge it against the feeding bell. It will reverse the workings of the bell's portal sending magic, and, instead of summoning a drudge and a monouga, will open portals to the source of these monsters."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "You are welcome to explore the drudge cave, although many have explored it before now. The Queen seeks adventurers to enter the portal from which the monougas come, and hopefully more fully identify exactly what all of this humanoid activity means to the Isparian inhabitants of Dereth."

You ring the bell.
In the distance, shrieks and growls echo through the halls. A purple light glows brightly for a few moments.

The Drudge Caretaker spreads his collected food out in the Monouga's feeding area.


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