Monouga Laboratory Portal Attunement Gem

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Introduced:  Intelligent Designs Related Quests:  Monouga Laboratory
Monouga Laboratory Portal Attunement Gem
Value: 0
25 Burden Units
Monouga Laboratory Portal Attunement Gem Icon.png

This small gem, originally created by Prince Borelean, was given to you by Corporal Liao Chen. He has asked you to attempt to attune this gem to the bells within the Monouga Feeding Pit.

Special Properties: Attuned, Bonded

Place the gem on the bells in the Monouga Feeding Pit to attune it.


  • There are three bells, one for 80+ to the south, one for 120+ to the east, and one for 150+ to the north. Give this gem to the bell for your level range, ring the bell, then head down and use the portal to the Laboratory before it disappears.
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