Mukkir Aspect of Grael Quest

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Aspect of Grael Quests
Ruschk Aspect of Grael Quest - Shadow Aspect of Grael Quest - Mukkir Aspect of Grael Quest

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group/Solo
Start Location: Obsidian Rim
Timer: 27 Days
Level Restrictions: 151+
Level Suggestions: 151+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone
Black Spear of Mukkir Strength
Random Rare item
Luminance: 20,000
Max XP:
Full details here
Full details here
Slayer of the Black Spear
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Introduced In: Shattering the Dark
Mukkir Aspect of Grael

Quest Overview

Walk Through

Part 1: Black Ferah's Vault

  1. From the Obsidian Rim, run to Varetha at 44.4S 62.5W. Speak with it to be flagged for the first dungeon.
  2. Run to Black Ferah's Vault at 39.1S 60.1W.
  3. Follow the linear dungeon, until you reach a large room with Commander Jared Kurth, kill him and loot the Shadow Vault Key from his corpse.
    • Tip: Kurth hits very hard, stay outside the room and have mages/archers attack him.
  4. Use the key to open the door on the far side of the room, and follow the hallway until you reach a pedistal containing an Experimental Shadow Stone, take it.
  5. Portal recall, run back to Varetha at 44.4S 62.5W, and hand it the Experimental Shadow Stone to be flagged for part 2.

Part 2: Mukkir Infested Black Spear Temple

  1. Now head to the Valley of Death and find the Mukkir Infested Black Spear Temple at 37.2S 67.0W (access up the mountain is at 36.6S 66.9W).
    • Tip: Its fastest if you can find a VoD Hot Drop portal.
  2. From the portal drop, hug the wall right until you get to an L-shaped room with falling rocks (Rock Fall).
  3. Watch the rock fall sequence, and run through the L-shaped just as the closest rock falls, hugging the left wall as you run.
  4. From here, hug the left wall all the way down until you pass a group of three shadows
    • Note: Always take the first hallway on the left, even in big rooms (see map).
    • Note: Be sure to hug the wall, there are traps throughout the dungeon that will spawn Mukkir over and over, should you hit them.
  5. Once you pass the three shadows, you'll descend a long and steep ramp. From here, go left, ignore the next left, and then take the next left again, which leads down a ramp and to the black pit.
  6. When you get to the large black pit, jump to the north platform (strong, straight normal jump), and then back to the lower south platform (same jump).
  7. Finally, you'll come to Grael's Chamber, home of the Mukkir Aspect of Grael.

Part 3: Grael's Chamber

  • Note: Once you have passed through the Grael's Chamber portal at the bottom of the dungeon you can use the portal at the start of the dungeon to quickly return if you should die.
  • Tip: Healers and debuffers can safely remain at the jump if, they wish.
  1. Fully debuff the Mukkir Aspect of Grael, then jump down in the pit and kill him.
  2. Once he's dead, loot a Shadow Chest Key and a Shard of the Black Spear from his corpse, and enter the Trophy Room portal.
  3. Use the Shadow Chest Key on an Ancient Reliquary, which will always include a random Rare.
  4. Return the Shard of the Black Spear to Varetha at 44.4S 62.5W for XP, a Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token, and a hookable Black Spear of Mukkir Strength.
    • Note: You can also return the hookable black spear to Varetha for up to 20 Million XP.
  5. Return the Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token to Hoshar ibn Jalaq at 59.6S, 88.0W in Ayan Baqur to obtain the Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone.
  6. Apply the Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone to a loot generated weapon to give it the Mukkir Slayer property.
    • Warning: Once you apply the stone, it cannot be undone. Be sure you use it on the intended weapon.


Black Ferahs Vault
Mukkir Infested Black Spear Temple


  • Shadow Vault Key Icon.png
Shadow Vault Key
  • Experimental Shadow Stone Icon.png
Experimental Shadow Stone
  • Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone Icon.png
Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone
  • Shadow Chest Key Icon.png
Shadow Chest Key
  • Shard of the Black Spear Icon.png
Shard of the Black Spear
  • Black Spear of Mukkir Strength Icon.png
Black Spear of Mukkir Strength
  • Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token Icon.png
Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Turn in spear shard to Varetha. 275,000,000xp

?% up to level ?

Give Hoshar ibn Jalaq the Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token. 99,078,619xp

10% up to level 200

Turn in stone for xp. 19,815,724xp

2% up to level 200

Turn in spear for xp. 19,815,724xp

2% up to level 200

See Level Costs for per level information.

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
Return the Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token
to Hoshar ibn Jalaq
Slayer of the Black Spear

See Titles for a list of all available titles.


Lore & Dialog

Varetha touches your forehead, sending a dark chill throughout your body.
Varetha tells you, "My Lord, Isin Dule, has sent me to aid you in the containing of the Mukkir Aspect of Grael. Though it will be a difficult thing to accomplish, this can be done. To do so, however, we will need to gather the proper tools."
Varetha tells you, "There is a Shadow Stone, created in Black Ferah's experiments, that should do nicely. I have managed to locate the stone, but so have Grael's followers. Gather this stone for me, and I should be able to modify it to hold Grael's Mukkir Aspect for a time. I will attune you to the defenses of the location..."
Varetha tells you, "You will find the stone at 39.1 S, 60.1 W. Go there and retrieve the stone. While you are gone, I will prepare what I need to modify it."

You give Varetha Experimental Shadow Stone.
Varetha tells you, "The "Great Experiment", the Shadow Stone Black Ferah worked so hard upon. This will do nicely."
Varetha examines the stone intently.
Varetha tells you, "I will reconfigure the magical matrix in this to contain Grael's Mukkir Aspect. While I do this, travel to 37.2 S, 67.0 W. I have managed to track the Aspect to that location. Hunt it down and kill it. I'll take care of the rest."

Varetha tells you, "The Black Spear."
Varetha smiles.
Varetha tells you, "Please, hand it to me, so that I may reward you properly for what you have done."

You give Varetha Shard of the Black Spear.
Varetha tells you, "Now, this will make a trophy to be remembered."
Shadow Power fills the shattered remnants of the Black Spear, which reforms completely.
Varetha tells you, "It is no longer a weapon of destruction, as it once was. It'd be too dangerous to leave in that state. However, the power of it is strong, and I've augmented it a bit myself. Place it somewhere secure, like those homes you build for your people, and you should be able to tap its power there."
You've earned 275,000,000 experience.
You've earned 20,000 luminance.
Varetha gives you Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token.
Varetha gives you Black Spear of Mukkir Strength.
Varetha tells you, "Bring the Token to the representative your Monarchs have set out to guide this task. They wished to be informed when one aided in Grael's defeat. I'm sure they have some sort of reward for you as well."

You give Hoshar ibn Jalaq Mukkir Aspect Slayer Title Token.
Hoshar ibn Jalaq tells you, "I salute you as a true hero, friend. I thank you on behalf of Dereth and on behalf of my master for the great thing you have done."
You've earned 99,078,618 experience.
Hoshar ibn Jalaq gives you Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone.

You give Varetha Black Spear of Mukkir Strength.
Varetha tells you, "You do not wish such a trophy? Very well, I can reward you in other ways, and pass this along to my Lord, who will no doubt be amused by it."
You've earned 19,815,724 experience.

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