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NPC stands for Non-Player Character. NPCs Show up as yellow dots on the radar. They usually serve one of two purposes, to give out quests or to buy and sell items for pyreals. Generally, the NPCs that buy and sell items, vendors, wear an apron to signify this. Most NPCs are found in the towns of Dereth. Most Towns have a complete list of NPCs in that town.

NPCs by Service

Ancient Mhoire Coin Icon.png Alternate Currency

Blacksmith.png Armor and Weapons

Blank Augmentation Gem Icon.png Augmentations and Luminance

Scribe.png Books and Paper

Tailor.png Clothing, Tailoring and Hairstyles

Crafter.png Collectors and Crafters

Main article: Collectors and Crafters

Shopkeeper.png Food, Drink and Basic Supplies

Gambling.png Gambling

Healer.png Healing Supplies and Services

Housing.png Housing

Jeweler.png Jewelry, Gemstones and Tools

Archmage.png Magic and Alchemy Supplies

Bowyer.png Missile Weapons and Ammunition

Barkeeper.png Rumors and Contracts

Attribute to Attribute Gem Icon.png Skill and Attribute Reset

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