Ned the Clever

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Introduced:  Secrets of the Apostates Related Quests:  Nexus Crawl, Portal Space Research
Ned the Clever

Male Aluvian
Geomantic Tracker
Non-Player Killer

Strength 180
Endurance 180
Coordination 180
Quickness 150
Focus 240
Self 220
Health 215
Stamina 290
Mana 375

Location: 13.4N 0.9E in Zaikhal
Ned the Clever Live.jpg



  • A tribute to Maggie the Jackcats vassal named "Ned Cleversun" who inspired the creation of her website and who passed away in late 2008.
  • Ned is also featured in the Secrets of the Apostates Teaser along with Magaritta du Jacquette, a tribute to Maggie the Jackcat.

Lore & Dialog

Ned the Clever tells you, "Excellent! You can help me! We in the Arcanum think the Virindi Apostates are up to no good, but we're not sure what they're doing. It all seems to be involved with this rare Aetherium metal that's been recently discovered. We think they are stockpiling great quantities of the ore, but we do not know what they intend to do with it. We need a doughty adventurer like yourself to seek out a deposit under their control, and plant a tracking device in their stores..."
Ned the Clever tells you, "We have traced some suspicious energy patterns to the old Nexus discovered during the days of Bael'Zharon's rise. This facility may hold some clue to the location of a Virindi Apostate storehouse. Seek out the Nexus portal in the Direlands at 40.1S, 79.2W, investigate the facility, and see if you can find a way from there to the Apostate deposits. Once there, you can place this Aetheric resonator within the deposit, and I will be able to monitor their activities for the Arcanum."
Ned the Clever gives you Aetheric Resonator.

You give Ned the Clever Research Notes.
Ned the Clever tells you, "This is very interesting indeed."
Ned the Clever tells you, "I've been working with a substance called Aetherium, we actually sent a shipment to Mar'uun to assist in their experiments before it vanished."
Ned the Clever gives you Aetherium Research Notes.
Ned the Clever tells you, "I put togeather several diagrams and several notes for the researchers based off their notes."
Ned the Clever tells you, "Take my note to Marcus, it'll help him determine the cause of the accident."
Ned the Clever tells you, "My personal theory is that they used the Aetherium in a way that destabilized portal space..."
Ned the Clever tells you, "Sundering a barrier between the planes of existance and time..."
Ned the Clever tells you, "Truely shocking."

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