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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group
Start Location: Rithwic
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 60+
Level Suggestions: 80+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Blueprints for a Burun Fortress, Noble Weapons
Max XP:
Full details here
25,000,000 (one person)
20,000,000 (group)
Titles: None
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Introduced In: A Small Victory
Updated In: Filling in the Blanks, Cloak of Darkness
Related Quests: Clutch of Kings (Browerk), Soul Stone Quest
Morgluuk's Head

Quest Overview

Walk Through

  1. [OPTIONAL] Speak to Royal Guard Gabrielle in Rithwic.
  2. Proceed to the Renegade Fortress at 29.5S 65.5W and locate the Lugian spy Toberik to obtain Toberik's Report.
    • Route: Use the Lesser Direlands Portal Device at your mansion until you get portaled right in front of the fort or give Sake to the Drunken Madman and go through Accursed Halls.
    1. He is not inside the dungeon itself, but instead can be found down a ramp near the dungeon entrance portal.
    2. Go down the ramp and to the right, and locate a room with a number of crates that form a sort of stairway. Jump up these crates and then up through a hole in the ceiling to get to Toberik.
    3. You can talk to Toberik multiple times and receive multiple reports. The reports are givable, so you can do this step ahead of time and grab a report for each person in your group.
  3. Proceed to Linvak Tukal and have each person in your group present a copy of Toberik's Report to Captain K'rank. Handing the report to Captain K'rank is the official flag for the quest, so if you already have a report for each member of your group you can start at this step.
  4. Proceed to the Burun Fortress at 25.8S, 46.3E outside of Yanshi.
    1. To get there, take the Swamp Temple Place settlement portal at 10.3S 45.6E. You will need to recall to this portal at least twice, so take note of the route to the castle.
  5. [OPTIONAL] Pick up the blueprints (hookable) off a table just outside the fortress' SW corner.
  6. Destroy the Fortress Barrier to the south to gain entry.
    1. Physical attack required: Magic doesn't do enough damage, although the gate has no melee defense so anyone can equip a weapon and attack. You will have to destroy this gate at least three times (see below). You should imperil and fester the gate.
  7. Inside the fortress there are four mini-boss dungeons, tunnels to which are located to the SE, NE, NW and SW. At the end of each tunnel is a rock which serves as a portal (level 60+ restricted).
  8. [OPTIONAL] Enter each dungeon in turn and take out each mini-boss to weaken Morgluuk (by reducing the number of minions in the final room). Three of the mini-boss' has 'Watcher' in the name and a message is broadcast when killed. One of the mini-bosses is an egg. Two of the dungeons do not have an exit portal, so you will need to recall back to the Swamp Temple Place housing portal, and run to the fortress and destroy the South Gate again. Also the air in these dungeons is poisonous - if you stand in one place too long you take damage. The ramps are the only clear spaces to rest.
  9. The entrance to Morgluuk's dungeon (Burun Fortress Central Mound, see map below) entrance is above ground level, you can access it by using the ramp just inside the South Gate. Walk through the rock as if it is a portal (does not show up as a portal on radar).
  10. Also the air in this dungeon does 15-30 points damage. Safe are the ramps and the larger rooms. Proceed through the dungeon (down is good...), and kill Morgluuk. Best place to kill him is at the last ramp before the large room. He spawns with multiple minions, and also the air down at the ramp does damage. It is possible to kill him without weakening him with a full fellow (at intended level range).
  11. Morgluuk has high regeneration, so you should fester him. A high level can solo him without weakening him.
  12. Once Morgluuk is killed, he drops 1 head and 9 pieces of flesh.
    • Note: Morgluuk takes about 50 min to respawn.
  13. Return to Linvak Tukal and give his head and a piece of flesh to Captain K'rank. The head grants 5 Million experience and Morgluuk's Trophy Head, a recall gem and a reward key. A piece of flesh grants 13 Million experience, a recall gem and a key as well.
  14. Use the recall gem to be portalled into a Hidden Chamber within High Queen Elysa's castle. Use your key on one of the Noble Weapon chests in the chamber, the wall behind the chest indicates what weapon it holds. If you don't need a weapon there is a Noble Treasure Chest.
  15. Note: There is little to no timer on picking up the weapons from the chests. If you have someone with an extra key (such as a 2H character, or the character that turns in Morgluuk's head), this can make getting a second weapon for a Dual Wield character much easier. The character with the key will have to unlock the chest, not open it, and wait for about 10-15 seconds for a second character to be able to loot it.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Burun Fortress Central Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0278 -- --
Burun Fortress SW Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0279 -- --
Burun Fortress SE Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0280 -- --
Burun Fortress NE Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 027A -- --
Burun Fortress NW Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 027B -- --


Quest Items
  • Toberik's Report Icon.png
Toberik's Report
  • Fortress Barrier Icon.png
Fortress Barrier
  • Morgluuk's Head Icon.png
Morgluuk's Head
  • Morgluuk's Flesh Icon.png
Morgluuk's Flesh
  • Noble Brace Chest Icon.png
Noble Brace Chest
  • Noble Crossbow Chest Icon.png
Noble Crossbow Chest
  • Noble Katar Chest Icon.png
Noble Katar Chest
  • Noble Longbow Chest Icon.png
Noble Longbow Chest
  • Noble Morning Star Chest Icon.png
Noble Morning Star Chest
  • Noble Quarterstaff Chest Icon.png
Noble Quarterstaff Chest
  • Noble Rapier Chest Icon.png
Noble Rapier Chest
  • Noble Scepter Chest Icon.png
Noble Scepter Chest
  • Noble Stiletto Chest Icon.png
Noble Stiletto Chest
  • Noble Swordstaff Chest Icon.png
Noble Swordstaff Chest
  • Noble Treasure Chest Icon.png
Noble Treasure Chest
  • Noble War Maul Chest Icon.png
Noble War Maul Chest

Quest Rewards
  • Reward Key Icon.png
Reward Key
  • Portal Gem (Hidden Chamber) Icon.png
Portal Gem (Hidden Chamber)
  • Morgluuk's Trophy Head Icon.png
Morgluuk's Trophy Head

Quest Rewards (Noble Weapons)
  • Noble Brace Icon.png
Noble Brace
  • Noble Crossbow Icon.png
Noble Crossbow
  • Noble Katar Icon.png
Noble Katar
  • Noble Longbow Icon.png
Noble Longbow
  • Noble Morning Star Icon.png
Noble Morning Star
  • Noble Quarterstaff Icon.png
Noble Quarterstaff
  • Noble Rapier Icon.png
Noble Rapier
  • Noble Sceptre Icon.png
Noble Sceptre
  • Noble Stiletto Icon.png
Noble Stiletto
  • Noble Swordstaff Icon.png
Noble Swordstaff
  • Noble War Maul Icon.png
Noble War Maul

Noble Treasure Chest Rewards
  • Plentiful Healing Kit Icon.png
Plentiful Healing Kit
  • Sturdy Steel Key Icon.png
Sturdy Steel Key
  • Sturdy Iron Key Icon.png
Sturdy Iron Key
  • Mid-Stakes Gambling Token Icon.png
Mid-Stakes Gambling Token

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand Morgluuk's Head to Captain K'rank 5,000,000xp

Fixed XP

Hand Morgluuk's Flesh to Captain K'rank 20,000,000xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.


Click image for full size version.

Lore & Dialog

Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "...For the past several days Captain K'rank, the lugian in charge of this operation and several other investigations for High Queen Elysa and our allies, has been waiting for a report. He fears the worst and needs our help in trying to contact the lugian spy, Toberik."
Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "...If you can make your way to the Renegade fortress in the direlands and find this lugian I am certain that your efforts would be rewarded."

Toberik tells you, "Ahh, an Isparian. We must be quick. If I am seen talking to you then I will surely be killed and all that I have worked for will be lost."
Toberik tells you, "My efforts to uncover the details of the treaty between the Burun and the Renegades has turned up very little as of yet. Though I have managed to garner enough information to provide Captain K'rank with enough to formulate a strike against the Renegades and Burun."
Toberik gives you Toberik's Report.
Toberik tells you, "Take this to K'rank. He will give you the greater details of what I have discovered. Be wary however, the details within explain what I have learned about the Burun brothers, more specifically, Morgluuk. Tell him that if he can find someone to assist in raiding the Burun fortress that I will handle the other brother, keeping him away long enough for a group to defeat Morgluuk, smashing the morale of the Burun."
Toberik tells you, "Go quickly, do not let the renegades see you leave."

You give Captain K'rank Toberik's Report.
Captain K'rank tells you, "Toberik, you crazy hoktor! Well Isparian, it appears as though you brought this report to me in good time. Toberik means to detain Morgluuk's brother, Torgluuk, so that we can face just the one brother. The plan is not without trouble though. We have managed to learn much from the blueprints that we obtained from the Burun fortress in the Blackmire Swamp."
Captain K'rank tells you, "Currently, we believe that the best course of action is to approach the fortress from there north. The walls are weaker there, it appears as though the Renegade builders have been spending more time trying to discern the goals of the Burun and not enough on shoring up their work."
Captain K'rank tells you, "This will not be a simple fight. We will need you to be quick and efficient in your assault. We Lugians will assist the Tumeroks of Marae Lassel in laying an assault against one of the Renegade fortresses to provide you a small amount of assistance."
Captain K'rank tells you, "Once you break the walls down, you will need to enter the catacombs that the Burun have built beneath the fortress. Find your way through and defeat Morgluuk. He is very strong, there may be ways to weaken him without facing him... I would advise trying to find a way to weaken him before assaulting him directly."
Captain K'rank says "Good luck to you, <player name>!"

As the Shaman dies, it lets out a curse in an unintelligible language. It's death throes will alert Morgluuk and he will dispatch shamans from his lair to learn of what happened here. His lair will be weaker.

As the Fiend dies, it lets out a vicious sound. It's ward is unprotected, Morgluuk will send his personal guard of savages to investigate. This will weaken his lair.

As the Titan dies, it let's out a wail. Morgluuk will send his personal guard of Guruk to investigate. Morgluuk's lair will be weaker.

The egg explodes violently. A shrill sound reverberates off of the halls, Morgluuk is howling in pain. This egg may have contained his offspring! He has become weaker!

As <player> smashes Morgluuk, the Guruk in the area grow more agitated and the Ruuk become more docile.

You give Captain K'rank Morgluuk's Head.
Captain K'rank tells you, "A brave warrior who has continued our efforts to crush the morale of the Burun and the renegades. You have done well. Here take this and display it proudly."
Captain K'rank gives you Morgluuk's Trophy Head.
Captain K'rank gives you Portal Gem.

Captain K'rank tells you, "The High Queen also wishes you to take a small reward from her coffers. Take these."
[Player Name] has defeated Morgluuk and received a glorious reward for their efforts.
Captain K'rank gives you Reward Key.
Captain K'rank tells you, "The key will open whichever chest you choose within the treasure room to which the gem brings you."
You've earned 5,000,000 experience.
Captain K'rank tells you, "That is all that I have to give."
Captain K'rank says, "Thank you again for your efforts, [Player Name]."

You give Captain K'rank Morgluuk's Flesh.
Captain K'rank tells you, "Filthy creatures these Burun. As promised you are to be rewarded for your efforts."
Captain K'rank gives you Portal Gem.
Captain K'rank gives you Reward Key.

Captain K'rank tells you, "The key will open whichever chest you choose in that room. Each chest should clearly display what it holds."
You've earned 20,000,000 experience.
Captain K'rank tells you, "That is all that I have to give."
Captain K'rank says, "Thank you again for your efforts, [Player Name]."

Global broadcast when Morgluuk was first killed on each server
[Player Name] has slain Morgluuk and returned his head to the Lugian capital of Linvak Tukal. There it is to be placed on a pike as a symbol of victory for the Isparian, Lugian and Tumerok people and a symbol of defeat for the Burun that threaten our way of life. Huzzah, [Player Name]!


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