Olthoi Weapons Quest

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Various
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 15+ to 40+
Level Suggestions: 20+ to 50+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Acid Olthoi Axe
Olthoi Atlatl
Olthoi Spear
Olthoi Acid Katar
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Heart of Woe
Updated In: Learning From Experience
A decoration in the Olthoi Town

Quest Overview

Due to events surrounding the Ancient Olthoi Queen, Olthoi activity on mainland Dereth increased greatly. Previously undiscovered deeper catacombs appeared ins everal of the older Olthoi dungeons, and these deeper catacombs all connected to an even deeper dungeon, the Catacombs of Opposition. Elysa sent scouts to investigate these new tunnels, and the scouts left notes behind for adventurers to find. In the deepest catacombs a group of Isparian Olthoi fighters were found, having been cut off from the outside world since the days of The One Queen. These fighters were adept at crafting weapons from the remains of Olthoi.

Walk Through

Notes from Scouts

First Notes

  1. Enter one of the dungeons below.
  2. Make your way to the end of the dungeon, and enter the Deeper Catacombs.
  3. At the end of the Deeper Catacombs, pick up the Note from a Scout.
    • Note: For the Lair of Death, the note is found at the end of the first dungeon, and not in the deeper catacombs.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 for any other notes you wish to obtain.

Second Note

  1. From any of the Deeper Catacombs, make your way to the end where you will find an entrance to the Catacombs of Opposition.
  2. Traverse the dungeon to reach the Olthoi Fighter resistance camp.
  3. Speak to Scout Luzumin Abigwei to receive A Note from a Scout.


  1. Bring any notes you have collected to the Royal Guard in Cragstone for an experience reward.

Olthoi Weapons

  1. Make your way to the Catacombs of Opposition. Along the way, kill olthoi and search for special trophies on them.
  2. Give your trophies to the appropriate Olthoi Fighter to have them craft an Olthoi weapon for you:

Small Olthoi Grubs

  1. You can find several Small Olthoi Grubs in the Catacombs of Opposition.
  2. From the big room with Ripper, take the east passage and follow it all the way to a dead end. There will be 3 Grubs on the ground there. You can also take the north passage and follow it north to a large room with 3 Grubs.
  3. Return to the Olthoi Town and give the Grubs to Pincer Danta or Mandible in exchange for a Grub Bite.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Lair of Death 42.0N, 58.1E -- 01AA -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Lair of Death) 42.0N, 58.1E -- 5753 -- --
Olthoi Horde Nest (Colier) 55.8N, 43.5E -- 02FB -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Colier OHN) 55.8N, 43.5E -- 574F -- --
Crater Lair 70.6N, 12.7E -- 018C -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Crater Lair) 70.6N, 12.7E -- 5751 -- --
Olthoi Horde Nest (Bandit Castle) 64.3N, 52.8E -- 02FD -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Bandit Castle OHN) 64.3N, 52.8E -- 574E -- --
Olthoi Tunnels 48.1N, 53.0E -- 018D -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Olthoi Tunnels) 48.1N, 53.0E -- 5752 -- --
Olthoi Horde Nest (Mountain Retreat) 48.9N, 12.9W -- 02FC -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Mountain Retreat OHN) 48.9N, 12.9W -- 5750 -- --
Black Death Catacombs 59.9N, 71.2E -- 5E45 -- --
Lower Corridor 59.9N, 71.2E -- 6144 -- --
Deeper Catacombs (Black Death Catacombs) 59.9N, 71.2E -- 5E45 -- --
Catacombs of Opposition From Deeper Catacombs -- 5E46 -- --


Quest Items
  • Note from a Scout Icon.png
Note from a Scout
  • A Note from a Scout Icon.png
A Note from a Scout
  • Olthoi Crest Icon.png
Olthoi Crest
  • Olthoi Femur Icon.png
Olthoi Femur
  • Olthoi Long Claw Icon.png
Olthoi Long Claw
  • Olthoi Stab Claw Icon.png
Olthoi Stab Claw
  • Leather Gauntlets Icon.png
Leather Gauntlets
  • Quarter Staff Icon.png
Quarter Staff
  • Small Olthoi Grub Icon.png
Small Olthoi Grub

  • Acid Olthoi Axe Icon.png
Acid Olthoi Axe
  • Olthoi Acid Katar Icon.png
Olthoi Acid Katar
  • Olthoi Atlatl Icon.png
Olthoi Atlatl
  • Olthoi Spear Icon.png
Olthoi Spear
  • Grub Bite Icon.png
Grub Bite

Experience Rewards

Hand scout notes from the following dungeons to the Royal Guard in Cragstone:

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Lair of Death 133,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Colier OHN) 300,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Crater Lair) 800,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Bandit Castle OHN) 1,00,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Mountain Retreat OHN) 1,200,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Olthoi Tunnels) 2,500,000xp

Fixed XP

Deeper Catacombs (Black Death Catacombs) 3,000,000xp

Fixed XP

Catacombs of Opposition 4,153,202xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.


Lore & Dialog

Opening Dialog:

Royal Guard tells you, "Hail, adventurer! There are dire events unfolding beneath the soil of Dereth and Queen Elysa requires your aid in uncovering the details. This is of great import and has delayed the Alliance she has strived to form. The Queen had dispatched scouts to a number of Olthoi lairs but they have gone missing. If you were able to go investigate these lairs you would have the Queen's gratitude."
Royal Guard tells you, "The scouts were ordered to leave documentation of their findings as they progressed- if they have been captured we might yet find these. If you should come upon any documents or notes the scouts had left please bring them to me and I shall reward you."

Reward Dialog:

Lair of Death Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Ah, this is valuable information!"
You've earned 133,000 experience.

OHN (Colier) Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Thank you. The Queen will be grateful to know this."
You've earned 300,000 experience.

Crater Lair Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Thank you, I am anxious to know what is happening down there."
You've earned 800,000 experience.

OHN (Bandit Castle) Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Thank you. With correct information perhaps we may yet counter this menace."
You've earned 1,000,000 experience.

OHN (Mountain Retreat) Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Thank you. This is indeed a note from one of the scouts!"
You've earned 1,200,000 experience.

Olthoi Tunnels Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "The Queen will much appreciate having this information!"
You've earned 2,500,000 experience.

Black Death Catacombs Note:

You give Royal Guard Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Ah yes! This is a note from one of the scouts!"
You've earned 3,000,000 experience.

Catacombs of Opposition Note:

You give Royal Guard A Note from a Scout.
Royal Guard tells you, "Thank you. Knowledge is strength, ignorance leads to defeat."
Royal Guard tells you, "This may make the difference."
You've earned 4,153,202 experience.

Scout Dialog:

Scout Luzumin Abigwei tells you, "You found us! Did the High Queen send you? We came across this group of Olthoi fighters and decided to stay and help them keep the Olthoi at bay. All the portals in the deepened lairs appeared to lead to these catacombs. Perhaps the Olthoi are re-grouping!"
Scout Luzumin Abigwei tells you, "Please deliver this note to one of the Queen's Royal Guard."
Scout Luzumin Abigwei gives you A Note from a Scout.
Scout Luzumin Abigwei tells you, "I will stay and help fight the Olthoi if you could deliver the note."
Scout Nytani Strongbow tells you, "It is fortunate you have arrived. Without help these valiant fighters might be slaughtered after having held out for so many years. The Olthoi seem to be on the move!"
Scout Tel al-Arat tells you, "I am pleased to see you. Did you find notes I left on the way? There are Olthoi in tunnels all around us. We have been helping defend this area but we may be overrun soon."

Olthoi Fighter Dialog:

The big man does not speak, only looks at you with eyes that seem no longer human.

Rat Nose tells you, "Hey, they call me Rat Nose. Because I bit off a rat's nose once. None of your business, but I was hungry if ya must know. Or maybe I just wanted to. Anyway, I'm glad ya brought weapons."
Rat Nose says, "Breed all ya want ya bugs. We'll kill more! Oo hah!"

Narg tells you, "We been here for years fightin' off the bugs. We kills 'em when they sleep sometimes. And sometimes they does the same to us."
Narg tells you, "Hey, ya bring me a Olthoi crest and I make ya a fine axe. Nothin' busts bug shell like bug shell, I always say. Need some wood too though, and that's rare here. An old quarterstaff might do if ya got one. A plain, old wood quarterstaff."
You give Narg Olthoi Crest.
Narg tells you, "Yeah this should do but I still need a quarterstaff, if ya take my meaning."
You give Narg Quarter Staff.
Narg tells you, "Yeah this is good. I'll cut it down. I get to keep the rest, see?"
Narg fashions an axe from the materials. It is crude but sharp.
Narg gives you Acid Olthoi Axe.
Narg tells you, "I already made ya a axe. Why you not out there kickin' chitin an' takin' claws?"

Teela tells you, "Well, honey, it sure is nice to know there's others fighting the Olthoi with us here. Can you really kill 'em with that? I use a nice spear myself. Goes through bug shell like butter. Of course, it's been years since I've tasted butter... Get me a bug's long claw and I might make you one. Make sure the long claw is nice and pointy. And freshly killed."
You give Teela Olthoi Long Claw.
Teela tells you, "This should work."
Teela makes a spear out of the Olthoi long claw.
Teela gives you Olthoi Spear.
Nanoc, Basher of Bugs tells you, "I smash bug. You need something smash bug with? Give bug crest to Nanoc. Give leather gauntlet too. Nanoc need leather. I make something you punch bug with. Punch bug dead, bam!"

You give Nanoc, Basher of Bugs Olthoi Crest.
Nanoc, Basher of Bugs tells you, "Good crest. Still need leather gauntlets."
You give Nanoc, Basher of Bugs Leather Gauntlets.
Nanoc, Basher of Bugs tells you, "Good leather. Hold puncher together. Now Nanoc make puncher. You go bash bug, make Nanoc happy."
Nanoc fashions a crude yet effective katar.
Nanoc, Basher of Bugs gives you Olthoi Acid Katar.
Nanoc, Basher of Bugs tells you, "You punching bug? Punch bug or Nanoc mad."

Pincer Danta tells you, "Hi, I'm Pincer Danta. Glad someone finally came to help us. We got us a nice place here. Want to see my pincer collection? Every time the bugs come and try to take 'em back I get more."
Pincer Danta tells you, "I made a nice atlatl out of pincers. Seeing as how you're here fighting the bugs with us, if you get me a bug's stabbing claw I could carve it into an atlatl for you. Also need an Olthoi femur. That's the top part of the leg, in case you don't know. You been around Olthoi as much as us, you get to know a lot about 'em. Femur and a stabbing claw, that's what I need."
Pincer Danta tells you, "Say, got any grub bites?"
You give Pincer Danta Olthoi Stab Claw.
Pincer Danta tells you, "You found a stabbing claw. Maybe you outsiders aren't so dumb after all. I'll need a femur too, like I said..."
You give Pincer Danta Olthoi Femur.
Pincer Danta tells you, "This should work."
Pincer Danta fashions an atlatl from the materials you gave her.
Pincer Danta gives you Olthoi Atlatl.
Pincer Danta tells you, "I hope you're breaking lots of shell with that atlatl."

You give Pincer Danta Small Olthoi Grub.
Pincer Danta turns the grub inside out and prepares a delicacy with practiced skill.
Pincer Danta gives you Grub Bite.
Pincer Danta tells you, "Want a grub bite? They're tasty and about all we get to eat. Okay, maybe not so tasty."

Mandible tells you, "Yeah that's right we tear 'em up. Never did find no way outa here though. Portal disappeared, got us trapped way back when. We got good at fightin' the bugs. There's more of the bugs now, though. Guess you got down here in your fancy armor. Well, maybe you ain't leavin' either. Maybe we ain't leavin' too. Kinda cozy down here."
Mandible tells you, "Ooo hah! I love the smell of burnin' chitin in the morning. But down here ya never know when it's morning."
Mandible tells you, "Yeah, I'm tough but I sure like to eat grub bites. Nothin' better than grub bites. 'cept maybe the foot races we used to have back home. Those was fun. Here we just run from bugs. But then we turn and ambush 'em. Yeah that's right we tear 'em up."
You give Mandible Small Olthoi Grub.
Mandible turns the grub inside out and prepares a delicacy with practiced skill.
Mandible gives you Grub Bite.
Mandible tells you, "Ooo hah! Grub bite! Have one!"


  • During the Learning From Experience event, the experience rewards were updated:
    • The Lair of Death note increased from 50,000 to 133,000.
    • The OHN (Colier) note increased from 100,000 to 300,000.
    • The Crater Lair note increased from 150,000 to 800,000.
    • The OHN (Bandit Castle) note increased from 200,000 to 1,000,000.
    • The OHN (Mountain Retreat) note increased from 250,000 to 1,200,000.
    • The Olthoi Tunnels note increased from 500,000 to 2,500,000.
    • The Black Death Catacobms note increased from 700,000 to 3,000,000.
    • The Catacombs of Opposition note changed from 4,153,202 (2.5% up to level 126) to 4,153,202 (fixed).
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