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Gameplay Options

Lists the following buttons:

  • Leave World
  • Configure Keyboard
  • Use Mouse Turning Settings
  • In-Game Help Files
  • Urgent Assistance
  • Report Abuse

Character Options

User Interface Behavior

  • Keep Combat Targets in View
  • Salvage Multiple Materials at Once
  • Use Main Pack as Default for Picking up Items

User Interface Display

  • Vivid Targeting Indicator
  • Display 3D Tooltips
  • Stretch UI
  • Show Coordinates by the Radar
  • Display Spell Durations
  • Disable Most Weather Effects
  • Disable Distance Fog
  • Always Daylight Outdoors
  • Disable House Restriction Effects
  • Use Crafting Chance of Success Dialog
  • Confirm Use of Rare Gems
  • Display Timestamps
  • Filter Language
  • Show your Helm or Head Gear
  • Show Your Cloak


  • Ignore Allegiance Requests
  • Ignore Fellowship Requests
  • Show Allegiance Logons
  • Share Fellowship Experience
  • Share Fellowship Loot
  • Automatically Accept Fellowship Requests

Other Players

  • Accept Corpse Looting Permissions
  • Attempt to Deceive other Players
  • Let Other Players Give You Items
  • Ignore All Trade Requests
  • Drag Item to Player Opens Trades
  • Allow Others to See Your Date of Birth
  • Allow Others to See Your Age
  • Allow Others to See Your Chess Rank
  • Allow Others to See Your Fishing Skill
  • Allow Others to See Your Number of Deaths
  • Allow Others to See Your Number of Titles

Character Behavior

  • Run as Default Movement
  • Advanced Combat Interface
  • Auto Target
  • Automatically Repeat Attacks
  • Use Charge Attack
  • Lead Missile Targets
  • Use Fast Missiles


  • Stay in Chat Mode After Sending a Message
  • Listen to Allegiance Chat
  • Listen to General Chat
  • Listen to Trade Chat
  • Listen to LFG Chat
  • Listen to Roleplay Cha
  • Listen to Society Chat

Chat Options

General Chat Options

  • Inactivity Opacity (Slide Bar: Transparent v Opaque)
  • Active Opacity (Slide Bar: Transparent v Opaque)

Main Chat Window

  • Combat
  • Magic
  • Area Chat
  • Tells
  • Allegiance
  • Fellowship
  • General Channel
  • Trade Channel
  • LFG Channel
  • Roleplay Channel
  • Society Channel
  • Errors

Chat Windows 1-4

  • Gameplay
  • Combat
  • Magic
  • Area Chat
  • Tells
  • Allegiance
  • Fellowship
  • General Channel
  • Trade Channel
  • LFG Channel
  • Roleplay Channel
  • Society Channel
  • Errors

Config Options

Sound Options

  • Sound Features (Drop Down Menu)
  • Stereo
  • Mono
  • Sound Effects (Volume Controls)
  • Ambient Sounds (Volume Controls)
  • Interface Sounds (Volume Controls)
  • Play Sounds Only When Active

Camera Options

  • Camera Stiffness (Slide Bar: Soft v Hard)
  • Camera Adjustment Speed (Slide Bar: Slow v Fast)
  • Field of View (Slide Bar: Narrow v Wide)
  • Align Camera to Slope

Graphics Options

  • Resolution (Drop Down Box)
  • Full Screen
  • Sync with Refresh Rate
  • Screen Brightness (Slide Bar: Dark v Bright)
  • Adaptive Degrade
    • Adaptive Degrade Bias (Slide Bar: Speed v Detail)
    • Degrade Distance (Slide Bar: Close v Far)

Rendering Quality Options

  • Landscape Texture Detail (Drop Down Box)
    • Very Low
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Very High
  • Environment Texture (Drop Down Box)
    • Very Low
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Very High
  • Texture Filtering (Drop Down Box)
    • Bilinear
    • Trillinear
    • Sharp
    • Anisotropic
  • Landscape Draw Distance (Drop Down Box)
    • Very Low
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Very High
    • Extreme
  • Landscape Detail Textures
  • Environment Detail Textures
  • Multiple Pass Alpha

Input Options

  • Mouselook Sentivity (Slide Bar)
  • Invert Mouselook Axes
  • Turn Your Character with Camera Turning

UI Options

  • Chat Font Face (Drop Down Box)
    • Arial
    • Courier New
    • Palatino Linotype
    • Tahoma
    • Times New Roman
  • Chat Font Size (Drop Down Box)
    • Tiny
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Extra Large


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Update History

Sudden Season
  • "Disable Most Weather Effects" option added.

The Child of Daralet

  • "Share Fellowship Experience" option added.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

  • "Stretch UI", "Show Coordinates by the Radar" and "Play Sounds Only When Active" options added.

The Widening Gyre

  • "Disable House Restriction Effects" option added.


  • "Drag Item to Player Opens Trades" option added.

Hidden Vein

  • "Display Allegiance Logins" option added.


  • "Use Charge Attack" option added.


  • "Automatically Accept Fellowship Requests" option added.

The Madness of Men

  • "Always Daylight Outdoors" and "Listen to Allegiance Chat" options added.

Across the Vast Divide

  • "Crafting Chance of Success" option added under User Interface Display.
  • Character Options panel reorganized and the following new options added to Other Players section:
    • Your real-time date of birth.
    • Your in-game age.
    • Your chess rank.
    • Your fishing skill.
    • Your number of deaths.

Mired Hearts

  • "Display Timestamps" option added.

All That They Survey

  • "Salvage Multiple Materials at Once" option added.

Throne of Destiny

  • "Configure Keyboard" button added to the Gameplay Options Panel (normally you had to log out of AC to configure the controls).
  • "Disable Most Weather Effects" removed.

A Change in Tactics

  • "Use Main Pack as Default" option added.

Down Twisting Paths

  • "Filter Language" option added.

Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands

  • "Confirm Use of Rare Gems" option added.

Shedding Skin

  • "Show your Helm or Head Gear" option added.

Cloak of Darkness

  • "Show Your Cloak" option added.

The Risen Princess

  • "Disable Most Weather Effects" option readded.
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