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Help the Wiki Look Its Best

Before creating articles on the AC Community Wiki, please take a moment to read the Naming Conventions page. Using standardized article names and image formats/sizes keeps the wiki clean, ensures Wiki Templates work as expected, and helps avoid duplicate entries. Thanks!

Page Templates

Here are some page templates designed for easy creation and editing of articles and to give the site a uniform look and feel.

On the template pages code has been provided that is ready to be highlighted and copied. Paste the blank template into the desired page. Fill in the blanks, remove any excess code left over from the template (things that don't apply to that page), preview to check for mistakes, then save.

Page templates are code for an entire page, there are also smaller Wiki Templates that take big chunks of formatting code and replace it with a simple template. Most page templates use wiki templates in their construction.

For regular contributors you may find the Wiki Swiss Tool useful, it is a helper program that includes one click page template copying that can make editing faster.

And remember, if you aren't comfortable using templates, please feel free to post the information in a way that is comfortable to you. Be aware though that someone may come along and edit it into a template later on. See Page Template Template for the general template layout.

Lore and Live Events

Patches and Quests

Creatures, NPCs and Pets



If you're not sure what template to use, or it's not listed, you can use the Item Template with the appropriate Item Category tags.
Note: For Rares and Retired Items see {{Intro}}.

Armor, Weapons and Jewelry

Contracts, Scrolls, Spells and Texts

Crafting and Consumables


Text Colors

For in-game text colors please use the following (exact colors aren't used because AC text is on a dark background while most wiki text is on a white background):

For tells: Asheron Tells you, "Greetings."

For broadcasts, interactions, & "green text": Magical energy fills the air as Asheron casts his spell. His spell fizzles.

For spell related text: Asheron tried and failed to cast a spell on you!

For emotes: Asheron looks around.

For NPC open chat: Asheron says, "I'm too old for this."

<font color=darkgoldenrod>Asheron Tells you, "Greetings."</font>

<font color=green>Magical energy fills the air as Asheron casts his spell. His spell fizzles.</font>

<font color=cornflowerblue>Asheron tried and failed to cast a spell on you!</font>

<font color=grey>Asheron looks around.</font>

<font color=grey>Asheron says, "I'm too old for this."</font>

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