Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg

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Introduced:  Intelligent Designs Related Quests:  Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg Quest Updated:  Secrets of the Apostates
Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg
Value: 0
800 Burden Units
Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg Icon.png

An Olthoi Egg, pulsating with a strange combination of Shadow and Virindi energies.

Special Properties: Attuned, Bonded

Turn this egg in to Adrien Swiftblade for a reward.

This item cannot be sold.


You give Adrien Swiftblade Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg.
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "An Olthoi egg?"
You explain to Adrien Swiftblade the circumstances of the catacombs and of the egg room.
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "Damn. So, it seems this new threat is one that won't go away lightly. Nothing is ever simple in this world."
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "I'll send this along to our researchers. Perhaps, with time and effort, we can find out where these new Olthoi came from, and find a way to put a stop to them before the threat they pose grows worse."
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "You've done this world a great service today. Please, allow me to reward you for your efforts."
You've earned 27,530,674 experience.
You give Adrien Swiftblade Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg.
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "Another egg."
Adrien Swiftblade sighs
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "I'm glad you've brought me this, as the researchers needed another, but I had vainly hoped these would run out eventually. Ah well, such is life in Dereth, I guess."
Adrien Swiftblade tells you, "Please, allow me to reward you for your noble and necessary efforts."
You've earned 13,765,337 experience.
You allow Ethan Wintermaine to examine your Paradox-touched Olthoi Egg.
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Guard Swiftblade is the one charged with collecting items such as this. Bring it to him. I'm only interested in proof of the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen's demise."
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