Phantom Weapons

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Introduced:  Atonement Related Quests:  Phantom Weapons Quest, Hollow Weapons Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Skill Ravenous Weapon Phantom Weapon
Missile Weapons N/A Phantom Atlatl Icon.png Phantom Atlatl
Missile Weapons N/A Phantom Crossbow Icon.png Phantom Crossbow
Missile Weapons N/A Phantom Bow Icon.png Phantom Bow
Two Handed Combat Ravenous Two Handed Spear Icon.png Ravenous Two Handed Spear Phantom Two Handed Spear Icon.png Phantom Two Handed Spear
Heavy Weapons Ravenous Sword Icon.png Ravenous Sword Phantom Sword Icon.png Phantom Sword
Heavy Weapons Ravenous Mace Icon.png Ravenous Mace Phantom Mace Icon.png Phantom Mace
Light Weapons Ravenous Axe Icon.png Ravenous Axe Phantom Axe Icon.png Phantom Axe
Light Weapons Ravenous Spear Icon.png Ravenous Spear Phantom Spear Icon.png Phantom Spear
Light Weapons Ravenous Staff Icon.png Ravenous Staff Phantom Staff Icon.png Phantom Staff
Finesse Weapons Ravenous Dagger Icon.png Ravenous Dagger Phantom Dagger Icon.png Phantom Dagger
Finesse Weapons Ravenous Katar Icon.png Ravenous Katar Phantom Katar Icon.png Phantom Katar


  • Obtained by applying Bloodhunter Oil to the Ravenous base weapon.
  • Phantom weapons have the Phantasmal Special Property. Phantasmal ignores all physical armor on the target.
  • There is no upgrade step for the missile weapons, they are created straight from the infused ore. You can craft deadly chorizite darts, arrows and quarrels using the Chorizite Fletching Tool. See Chorizite Ammunition for a guide.
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