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June 2004 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Release Notes

Letter to the Players


Town Crier Rumors

The town crier's demeanor become dark and sinister.
Town Crier tells you, "Dread be hidden in the pockets of the shadow worshippers. They are displaced from their homes and seek dark powers from graven idols. You are warned!"
Town Crier tells you, "Woo! That was strange. Have a nice day."
Town Crier tells you, "A terrible tragedy has befallen Bachus Flufens! A Hea raiding party invaded her farm and forced her to take refuge in Redspire - if you find her there she will tell you all about it."
Town Crier tells you, "A passing traveler told me that the Hea Raiders up on the Marescent Plateau are carrying even more powerful weapons."
Town Crier tells you, "Aun Ngationa up in Timaru has been studying the modifications the Hea Raiders have made to their weapons. If you have one of the older ones in your possession, he can probably make the changes for you."
Town Crier tells you, "Behdo Yii needs our help with the Olthoi on Marae Lassel! More Olthoi nests have opened on the Marescent Plateau!"
Town Crier tells you, "I heard that the butterflies have migrated over on Marae Lassel. Aun Papileona has moved his shrine to be closer to them."
Town Crier tells you, "I'm not sure how, but there is an oasis out near Fadsahil's old shop"
Town Crier tells you, "Marae Lassel has always been home to a great many strange beasts. It seems like everything there has moved though."
Town Crier tells you, "My brother was on the Singularity Caul when he heard the most nerve wracking scream! I do not know if he will recover from the shock of it."
Town Crier tells you, "Renegade activity has increased since the discovery of their fort. Gabrielle, a Royal Guard, has moved to Rithwic to give us reports on the High Queen's findings."
Town Crier tells you, "Reports from the Singularity Caul are coming in! Adventurers are saying they are finding strange red portals across the entire island!"
Town Crier tells you, "They say that Asheron went back home. I can't wait to see what he does, now that he's in control of the place."
Town Crier tells you, "We, the rest of the town criers and I, think that it might be time to give up robes. Now that we can enhance all our armor at once we figure it might be time for better protection."

Ulgrim Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Are you naive enough to think Elysa runs Dereth? Hmm."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "There is a conspiracy that those in power don't want you to know. I can't tell you everything, not yet. I can tell you there is a cabal of mages in the upper echelons of our government who control every aspect of our society. Do you think that the Olthoi Invasion happened by chance?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Just ask yourself, who is the fourth man?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "You think Marae Lassel is so great huh? Here's one important question you have to ask yourself: Does it have Ulgrim on it? That should tell you all you need to know."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Someone's been staying at my house. I noticed my porridge was eaten and my bed was all mussed up. If I catch him he'll be sorry."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "The same thing I do every night."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I wish I could fly. You think with all this magic in the world we would have magical flight."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I want to fly!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I need a cape too."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "This little mosswart fellow came into town screaming about the Burun."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I gave him a drink to calm him down. He gave me a stone that smells like something plucked from a mattekar's hind quarters. I figure I'll throw it at the next Burun I see."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "You know, Muldaveus and Niarltah asked me to join their Renegade cause. I was going to join too..."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Then they told me that they didn't supply the Breakfast Beer, Morning Mickeys, Spring-to-Action Ale, Midday Mead, Late-Night Lager or Sleepy-Time Stout. So I told them that they could take their Mattekar Swill and stuff it. My allegiance to Elysa could never be bought!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Wish I could take my sword with me. I'd at the very least like to have it on my wall at home."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "You know you're a real hero if you can fight naked."

New UI and Game Changes

  • Marae Lassel
    • Many updates have been made to the island including changes to dungeons, creature spawns, level requirements and improvements to quest items.
    • Former Town Crier rumors can now be purchased at the Barkeeps on ML with icons indicative of their related content difficulty.
    • Portals to the island can now be tied, summoned and recalled to.
  • Allegiance

New Quests

Updated Quests

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Elari Wood Bow Update
  • Sublime Elari Wood Bow Icon.png
Sublime Elari Wood Bow

Hunt for Hea Tuperea Update
  • Barbed Crop Icon.png
Barbed Crop

Virindi Scalpel Quest Update
  • Sharpened Virindi Scalpel Icon.png
Sharpened Virindi Scalpel

Carved Gemstone Lockpicks Quest
  • A Fetid muck-covered Note Icon.png
A Fetid muck-covered Note
  • Gems (Text) Icon.png
Gems (Text)
  • Carved Bone Key Icon.png
Carved Bone Key
  • Burun Mud-packed Chest Icon.png
Burun Mud-packed Chest
  • Campfire Icon.png
  • A Message from Morgluuk Icon.png
A Message from Morgluuk
  • Map to Burun Lair Icon.png
Map to Burun Lair
  • Carved Gemstone Lockpicks Icon.png
Carved Gemstone Lockpicks
  • Renegade Lugian Ring Icon.png
Renegade Lugian Ring

Chorizite Veined Shield Quest
  • Renegade Chest (Shoushi) Icon.png
Renegade Chest (Shoushi)
  • Strong Iron Key (Shoushi) Icon.png
Strong Iron Key (Shoushi)
  • Refined Chorizite Chunk Icon.png
Refined Chorizite Chunk
  • Chorizite Veined Shield Icon.png
Chorizite Veined Shield

Coarse Hide Shirt and Distilled Mana Potions
  • Renegade Chest (Stonehold) Icon.png
Renegade Chest (Stonehold)
  • Strong Iron Key (Stonehold) Icon.png
Strong Iron Key (Stonehold)
  • Coarse Hide Shirt Icon.png
Coarse Hide Shirt
  • Distilled Mana Potion Icon.png
Distilled Mana Potion
  • Mana Oil (Text) Icon.png
Mana Oil (Text)

Fishing Update
  • Expired Health Draught Icon.png
Expired Health Draught
  • Expired Stamina Draught Icon.png
Expired Stamina Draught
  • Expired Mana Draught Icon.png
Expired Mana Draught
  • Expired Health Potion Icon.png
Expired Health Potion
  • Expired Stamina Potion Icon.png
Expired Stamina Potion
  • Expired Mana Potion Icon.png
Expired Mana Potion
  • Expired Health Tincture Icon.png
Expired Health Tincture
  • Expired Stamina Tincture Icon.png
Expired Stamina Tincture
  • Expired Mana Tincture Icon.png
Expired Mana Tincture

Ornate Tumerok Breastplate and Horned Lugian Helm
  • Horned Lugian Helm Icon.png
Horned Lugian Helm
  • Ornate Tumerok Breastplate Icon.png
Ornate Tumerok Breastplate

Olthoi Pincers
  • Mutilator Pincer Icon.png
Mutilator Pincer
  • Warrior Pincer Icon.png
Warrior Pincer
  • Worker Pincer Icon.png
Worker Pincer
  • Mutilator Token Icon.png
Mutilator Token
  • Warrior Token Icon.png
Warrior Token
  • Worker Token Icon.png
Worker Token
  • Sublime Bracelet of Acid Protection Icon.png
Sublime Bracelet of Acid Protection
  • Sublime Ring of Piercing Protection Icon.png
Sublime Ring of Piercing Protection
  • Glittering Bracelet of Acid Protection Icon.png
Glittering Bracelet of Acid Protection

Renegade Bone Charm Quest
  • Strong Iron Key (Tufa) Icon.png
Strong Iron Key (Tufa)
  • Renegade Chest (Tufa) Icon.png
Renegade Chest (Tufa)
  • Tumerok Salted Meat Icon.png
Tumerok Salted Meat
  • Renegade Bone Charm Icon.png
Renegade Bone Charm
  • Salted Meat Icon.png
Salted Meat

Renegade Herbal Kits
  • Strong Iron Key (Small Complex) Icon.png
Strong Iron Key (Small Complex)
  • Renegade Chest (Burun Cathedral) Icon.png
Renegade Chest (Burun Cathedral)
  • Correspondence Icon.png
  • Renegade Herbal Kit Icon.png
Renegade Herbal Kit
  • Renegade Stone Clasp Icon.png
Renegade Stone Clasp

The Homunculus
  • Head of the Homunculus Icon.png
Head of the Homunculus
  • Head of the Homunculus (Casting Orb) Icon.png
Head of the Homunculus (Casting Orb)
  • Head of the Homunculus (Casting Orb - 2 Eyes) Icon.png
Head of the Homunculus (Casting Orb - 2 Eyes)
  • Lair of The Homunculus (Portal Gem) Icon.png
Lair of The Homunculus (Portal Gem)

Yaja's Reach Quest
  • The Orphanage (Portal Gem) Icon.png
The Orphanage (Portal Gem)
  • Abyssal Key Icon.png
Abyssal Key
  • Depraved Key Icon.png
Depraved Key
  • Pandemic Key Icon.png
Pandemic Key
  • Wretched Key Icon.png
Wretched Key
  • Key to Yaruldi's Hoard Icon.png
Key to Yaruldi's Hoard
  • Yaruldi's Hoard Icon.png
Yaruldi's Hoard
  • Yaja's Reach Icon.png
Yaja's Reach

Rumors: Marae Lassel Human Settlements
  • Traveler's Alert Icon.png
Traveler's Alert
  • Burning Terror Icon.png
Burning Terror
  • Tumeroks on the Island Icon.png
Tumeroks on the Island
  • Warring Factions Icon.png
Warring Factions
  • Virindi on the Plateau Icon.png
Virindi on the Plateau
  • Empyrean Ruins (Text) Icon.png
Empyrean Ruins (Text)
  • Canescent Mattekar (Text) Icon.png
Canescent Mattekar (Text)
  • Virindi Weapons Icon.png
Virindi Weapons
  • Marae Lassel (Text) Icon.png
Marae Lassel (Text)
  • Menhir Rings Icon.png
Menhir Rings
  • Olthoi Queen (Text) Icon.png
Olthoi Queen (Text)
  • Bachus Flufens (Text) Icon.png
Bachus Flufens (Text)
  • Aun Tumeroks Icon.png
Aun Tumeroks
  • Hea Tuperea (Rumor) Icon.png
Hea Tuperea (Rumor)
  • Brigands Icon.png
  • Olthoi Fungus Icon.png
Olthoi Fungus
  • Olthoi Eviscerators Icon.png
Olthoi Eviscerators
  • Britana (Text) Icon.png
Britana (Text)
  • Behdo Yii (Text) Icon.png
Behdo Yii (Text)

Rumors: Timaru
  • Aun Mareura Icon.png
Aun Mareura
  • The Puh Toneawa Icon.png
The Puh Toneawa
  • Aun Shimauri (Text) Icon.png
Aun Shimauri (Text)
  • Aun Papileona's Shrine Icon.png
Aun Papileona's Shrine
  • Isparian Arrival Icon.png
Isparian Arrival
  • TumerokQM Icon.png
  • The Keh of the World Icon.png
The Keh of the World
  • She Who Lost Her Name Icon.png
She Who Lost Her Name
  • The Hunter Ralirea Icon.png
The Hunter Ralirea
  • Aun Holdings Icon.png
Aun Holdings
  • Aun Nualuan and Itealuan Icon.png
Aun Nualuan and Itealuan
  • Hea Raiders Icon.png
Hea Raiders
  • Empyrean Towers Icon.png
Empyrean Towers
  • The Bride of Wharu Icon.png
The Bride of Wharu
  • The Broken Stones Icon.png
The Broken Stones
  • Wharu's Children Icon.png
Wharu's Children
  • Within the Flesh of Palenqual Icon.png
Within the Flesh of Palenqual
  • The Drumming of our Shamans Icon.png
The Drumming of our Shamans

Rumors: Ahurenga
  • Hea Toneawa (Rumor) Icon.png
Hea Toneawa (Rumor)
  • Hea Riketura Icon.png
Hea Riketura
  • Aun Enemies Icon.png
Aun Enemies
  • Palenqual's Caverns Icon.png
Palenqual's Caverns
  • Leaving Palenqual Icon.png
Leaving Palenqual
  • Hea Arantah (Rumor) Icon.png
Hea Arantah (Rumor)
  • The Tah of Ahurenga Icon.png
The Tah of Ahurenga
  • Hea Tuperea's Reedsharks Icon.png
Hea Tuperea's Reedsharks
  • Aun Ralirea (Rumor) Icon.png
Aun Ralirea (Rumor)
  • The One Named Lilitha Icon.png
The One Named Lilitha
  • Atual Arutoa (Rumor) Icon.png
Atual Arutoa (Rumor)
  • The Children of Wharu Icon.png
The Children of Wharu
  • The Aun Menhir Rings Icon.png
The Aun Menhir Rings
  • Wharu (Rumor) Icon.png
Wharu (Rumor)

Updated Items

New Spells

  • Chorizite Veined Shield:
    • Force to Arms Icon.png Force to Arms - "Decreases maximum mana by 100 points."
    • Weave of Chorizite Icon.png Weave of Chorizite - "Veins of chorizite serve to raise your magic defense. Magic Defense is raised by 2 points when this item is wielded. This is in addition to any spells and cantrips."


Portaldat 200406.png

New Creatures

Burun Icon.png Burun

Carenzi Icon.png Carenzi

Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie

Idol Icon.png Idol

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Margul Icon.png Margul

Marionette Icon.png Marionette

Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Siraluun Icon.png Siraluun

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Ursuin Icon.png Ursuin

Updated Creatures

  • Idols - Updated textures


Click image for full size.

Splash Screen

Pillars Made of Sand Splash Screen.jpg

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