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Related topics: Crafting, Alchemy (Skill), Loot




Potions can provide buffs or restore the Health, Mana or Stamina of the user.

They are found as creature loot, on vendors, as quest rewards, or can be crafted.

Buff Potions

Name Spell/Effect Duration Obtained From
Gonjoku's Mana Infusion Icon.png Gonjoku's Mana Infusion Mana Giver - +15 Mana 8.5 Minutes Trade Alliance Quest
Harbinger Blood Infusion Icon.png Harbinger Blood Infusion Harbinger Blood Infusion - +300 Armor 15 Minutes Aerbax's Prodigal Harbinger
Honeyed Life Mead Icon.png Honeyed Life Mead Honeyed Life Mead - +20 Health 3 Hours Honeyed Meads
Honeyed Mana Mead Icon.png Honeyed Mana Mead Honeyed Mana Mead - +50 Mana 3 Hours Honeyed Meads
Honeyed Vigor Mead Icon.png Honeyed Vigor Mead Honeyed Vigor Mead - +50 Stamina 3 Hours Honeyed Meads
Platinum Spirits Icon.png Platinum Spirits Innervate - +200 Stamina 4 hours Aun Golem Hunters
Potion of Destiny's Wind Icon.png Potion of Destiny's Wind Destiny's Wind - +100 Mana 90 Minutes Collectors
Potion of Endless Vigor Icon.png Potion of Endless Vigor Endless Vigor - +100 Stamina 90 Minutes Collectors
Refreshing Water Icon.png Refreshing Water Refreshment - +10 Missile Defense 4 Hours Aun Golem Hunters

Restorative Potions

Health Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Healing Potion Icon.png Academy Healing Potion +25 Health Retired
Acidic Infusion Icon.png Acidic Infusion +100 Health Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Black Market Health Elixir Icon.png Black Market Health Elixir * +300 Health Black Market
Enhanced Health Elixir Icon.png Enhanced Health Elixir ** +200 Health Royal Guard (2008 Compensation)
Expired Health Draught Icon.png Expired Health Draught +10 Health Fishing
Expired Health Potion Icon.png Expired Health Potion +25 Health Fishing
Expired Health Tincture Icon.png Expired Health Tincture +50 Health Fishing
Hangover Cure Icon.png Hangover Cure +65 Health Ulgrim's Casting Stein
Health Draught Icon.png Health Draught +10 Health Alchemy, Healer, Loot
Health Elixir Icon.png Health Elixir +65 Health Captain K'rank's Errands, Trophy Smith, Casino, An Aun Hea Romance, Loot
Health Philtre Icon.png Health Philtre +100 Health Loot
Health Tincture Icon.png Health Tincture +50 Health Loot, Healer
Healing Tonic Icon.png Healing Tonic +8 Health Retired
Health Tonic Icon.png Health Tonic +85 Health Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Potion of Black Fire Icon.png Potion of Black Fire +100 Health Obsidian Enchanter
Potion of Healing Icon.png Potion of Healing +25 Health Alchemy, Lost Distillery Quest, Healer
Refreshing Elixir Icon.png Refreshing Elixir +500 Health Rares
Trade Health Elixir Icon.png Trade Health Elixir +70 Health Alchemy

Mana Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Mana Potion Icon.png Academy Mana Potion +25 Mana Retired
Black Market Mana Elixir Icon.png Black Market Mana Elixir * +500 Mana Black Market
Distilled Mana Potion Icon.png Distilled Mana Potion +120 Mana Coarse Hide Shirt and Distilled Mana Potions
Enhanced Mana Elixir Icon.png Enhanced Mana Elixir ** +200 Mana Royal Guard (2008 Compensation)
Expired Mana Draught Icon.png Expired Mana Draught +10 Mana Fishing
Expired Mana Potion Icon.png Expired Mana Potion +25 Mana Fishing
Expired Mana Tincture Icon.png Expired Mana Tincture +50 Mana Fishing
Mana Draught Icon.png Mana Draught +10 Mana Loot, Healer, Alchemy
Mana Elixir Icon.png Mana Elixir +65 Mana Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Mana Philtre Icon.png Mana Philtre +100 Mana Loot
Mana Potion Icon.png Mana Potion +25 Mana Loot, Healer, Alchemy
Mana Tincture Icon.png Mana Tincture +50 Mana Loot, Healer
Mana Tonic Icon.png Mana Tonic +85 Mana Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Miraculous Elixir Icon.png Miraculous Elixir +500 Mana Rares
Saliva Invigorator Icon.png Saliva Invigorator +100 Mana Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Trade Mana Elixir Icon.png Trade Mana Elixir +70 Mana Alchemy

Stamina Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Stamina Potion Icon.png Academy Stamina Potion +25 Health Retired
Acidic Rejuvenation Icon.png Acidic Rejuvenation +100 Stamina Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Draught of Revitalization Icon.png Draught of Revitalization +250 Stamina Luminance
Expired Stamina Draught Icon.png Expired Stamina Draught +10 Stamina Fishing
Expired Stamina Potion Icon.png Expired Stamina Potion +25 Stamina Fishing
Expired Stamina Tincture Icon.png Expired Stamina Tincture +60 Stamina Fishing
Invigorating Elixir Icon.png Invigorating Elixir +500 Stamina Rares
Stamina Brew Icon.png Stamina Brew +85 Stamina Loot
Stamina Elixir Icon.png Stamina Elixir +65 Stamina Loot, Healer, Captain K'rank's Errands
Stamina Philtre Icon.png Stamina Philtre +125 Stamina Loot
Stamina Potion Icon.png Stamina Potion +25 Stamina Loot, Healer
Stamina Tincture Icon.png Stamina Tincture +60 Stamina Loot, Healer
Stamina Tonic Icon.png Stamina Tonic +100 Stamina Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands

Dispel Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Condensed Dispel Potion Icon.png Condensed Dispel Potion Eradicate All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 7 or less from the user Alchemy
Concentrated Dispel Potion Icon.png Concentrated Dispel Potion Nullify All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 6 or less from the user Alchemy
Dispel Potion Icon.png Dispel Potion Devour All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 4 or less from the user Alchemy
Strong Dispel Potion Icon.png Strong Dispel Potion Purge All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 5 or less from the user Alchemy


  • * 1 hour cool down.
  • ** 5 minute cool down.
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