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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Danby's Outpost
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 40+, 70+, 100+
Level Suggestions: 100+
Contracts: Contract for Crafting Forges (Low),
Contract for Crafting Forges (Mid),
Contract for Crafting Forges (High)
Rewards Summary
Full details here
3 Writs of Refuge
Ring of Shielding
Circlet of Shielding
Band of Shielding
MMDs: 1 (Low)
2 (Mid)
5 (High)
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
See XP reward table
Titles: None
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Introduced In: The Calm
Updated In: Assault,
Reforging the Past,
Learning From Experience
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The Northern Overseer

Quest Overview

Retrieve essences from the three Virindi dungeons to power the crafting forges for upgraded forge spells and experience rewards. They can also be given to the Arcanum for writs of refuge.

Walk Through

  1. Go to each of the three Power Forge dungeons and kill the Virindi Overseer there. Each Overseer drops a ring, Forge Essence and Inner Sea Directive.
    • Each dungeon has the same layout, the only difference is that the higher level restricted dungeons have more formidable creatures.
  2. You now have 2 options for turning in for rewards:
    1. Option 1: Take the essence to an Agent of the Arcanum for a Writ and experience reward.
    2. Option 2: Give the essence to any crafting forge in one of the starter towns to receive experience, MMDs, and to upgrade all forges from a Master [Craft Name]'s Boon (3 minutes) to a Master [Craft Name]'s Greater Boon (6 minutes).
    • Note 1: The experience rewards are the same no matter which you choose, however, you must choose option 2 if you want to receive MMDs and for the quest to count towards the 50-100 Contracts Quest.
    • Note 2: All 3 power forges are on separate timers.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Northern Power Forge 18.4N, 22.8W -- 0004 -- --
Southern Power Forge 82.3S, 3.9W -- 0005 -- --
Western Power Forge 21.9S, 43.8W -- 0006 -- --


Quest Items
  • Northern Forge Essence Icon.png
Northern Forge Essence
  • Southern Forge Essence Icon.png
Southern Forge Essence
  • Western Forge Essence Icon.png
Western Forge Essence

  • Ring of Shielding Icon.png
Ring of Shielding
  • Circlet of Shielding Icon.png
Circlet of Shielding
  • Band of Shielding Icon.png
Band of Shielding
  • Writ of Refuge Icon.png
Writ of Refuge
  • Inner Sea Directive Icon.png
Inner Sea Directive

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand a Northern Forge Essence to a Crafting Forge 8,000,000xp

175% up to level 52

Hand a Southern Forge Essence to a Crafting Forge 45,000,000xp

150% up to level 81

Hand a Western Forge Essence to a Crafting Forge 70,000,000xp

100% up to level 102

See Level Costs for per level information.


Lore & Dialog

Salvaging Forge cast Master Salvager's Boon on you
You give Salvaging Forge Northern Forge Essence.
You are commended for fueling the Salvaging Forge! From now on you shall obtain a longer-lasting boon from all crafting forges!
You've earned 10,000,000 experience.

Salvaging Forge cast Master Salvager's Greater Boon on you

You give Agent of the Arcanum Southern Forge Essence.
Agent of the Arcanum tells you, "Forge Essence! We can surely use as much of this as you can lay your hands on."
Agent of the Arcanum gives you Writ of Refuge.

You give Lockpick Forge Western Forge Essence.
You are commended for fueling the Lockpick Forge!
You've earned 30,000,000 experience.


  • During the Assault event, the upper level restrictions were removed from the northern and southern power forge dungeons.
  • During the Reforging the Past event, the timers were standardized, and the experience rewards were introduced:
    • Northern: 10,000,000 (100% up to level 60)
    • Southern: 20,000,000 (100% up to level 72)
    • Western: 30,000,000 (100% up to level 81)
  • During the Learning From Experience event, the experience rewards were increased:
    • Northern: 8,000,000 (175% up to level 52)
    • Southern: 45,000,000 (150% up to level 81)
    • Western: 70,000,000 (100% up to level 102)
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