Pulsating Bony Lump

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Introduced:  Dark Materials Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Shadow
Pulsating Bony Lump
Value: 0
50 Burden Units
Pulsating Bony Lump Icon.png

A thin, membranous, unidentifiable life form, with characters of Yalaini script burned into its flesh. Several oddly placed bones jut out from the form, creating a complex pattern.

This item cannot be sold.

Pulsating Bony Lump Live.jpg


  • Found on the ground at the end of the north wing in the Artifex Collegium.
  • When given to the BZ statue at the end of The Orphanage, in the same room as the exit portal, transports you to the Orphanage Wing.
  • Givable, so they can be collected before hand and distributed to questers (1 minute respawn).
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