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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Group
Start Location: The Burning Wood in the Graveyard
Timer: None
Level Restrictions: None
Level Suggestions: 150+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Mana Forge Key
MMDs: None
Luminance: None
Max XP:
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Full details here
Warden of the Burning Wood
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The Corrupted Pyre Oak

Quest Overview

The Corrupted Pyre Oak is a rare spawn boss creature found in the Burning Wood section of the Graveyard that only appears in the nighttime hours (Gloaming to Dawnsong).

Walk Through

  1. Keep a look out for the Corrupted Pyre Oak. It spawns in the Burning Wood area of the Graveyard, the valley to the southwest. It is found right near the edge of the Graveyard around 66.5S, 44.8W. Remember that it only spawns during the night and disappears at Dawnsong.
    • Note: When it is spawned a Corrupted Frost Grave will appear in the main section of the Graveyard notifying you that the golem is up.
  2. If you are lucky enough to be around when he spawns immediately summon reinforcements. It is not easy to fight alone and has a great deal of health.
    • The golem spawns with a number of Corrupted Pyre Sparks that cast level 8 Fire Vulns so it is best to avoid them completely. It also has many of the normal spawns of Pyre Skeletons near it.
  3. The absolute best way to kill it is for archers kill it from afar with using Spectral Bows with Lightning Arrows (Raider Lightning Arrows preferably). Archers should be able to find a spot outside the agro range of the creatures (Sparks and Skeletons) where they can fire on the golem. The Sparks will not defend the golem. Mages should just support the archers and debuff the golem. Melees should also just heal because it is normally too dangerous to jump down into the fray.
    • The Pyre Oak's most dangerous attacks are fire attacks including Flame Wave and Fire Bomb. When fire vulned these spells do tremendous damage and can even one shot you.
  4. When the Pyre Oak dies an NPC, Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire, spawns that hands out Lord Grymar Mhoire's Key. He only has 10 keys to give. After he hands 10 keys the NPC disappears. You do not need to participate in the fight to get a key. After the NPC disppears a pile of Noble Remains appears where he was and it remains until Dawnsong.
  5. Once you have a key go to the Burnt and Twisted Stump located just behind the bunker near where the Golem and NPC were at 66.3S, 44.8W. Unlock the Stump and loot the Ancient Mhoire Coins (3 to 5 coins) and the Lord Grymar's Ancient Emblem of Mhoire inside.
  6. Take the emblem to a Arcanum Mana-smith at one of the Mana Forges for a single use Mana Forge Key in return.
    • There is no timer on picking up in the Emblem and is no longer a timer on turning in the Emblem.


Quest Items
  • Lord Grymar Mhoire's Key Icon.png
Lord Grymar Mhoire's Key
  • Burnt and Twisted Stump Icon.png
Burnt and Twisted Stump
  • Lord Grymar's Ancient Emblem of Mhoire Icon.png
Lord Grymar's Ancient Emblem of Mhoire

  • Mana Forge Key Icon.png
Mana Forge Key
  • Ancient Mhoire Coin Icon.png
Ancient Mhoire Coin

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
Talking to Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire Warden of the Burning Wood

See Titles for a list of all available titles.

Lore & Dialog

Upon death of the Corrupted Pyre Oak:
His corrupted forest form destroyed, the spirit of Lord Grymar appears.
Lord Grymar says, "I can linger in this wood for only a short time. Come speak gentlefolk."

Upon speaking with the NPC:
Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire tells you, "The corruption of my spirit binds me to these trees. I can feel the burning of the wood as if it was my own flesh."
Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire tells you, "You have my thanks for becoming watchers of this wood, however burnt. Take my key and seek my hidden vault. The treasures there are yours."

Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire gives you Lord Grymar Mhoire's Key
Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire tells you, "I thank you for your skill and bravery."
Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire bestows to you the title "Warden of the Burning Wood."

After several keys have been given out:
Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire tells you, "I am sorry hero, but I have no more keys to give."

Handing the Emblem to an Arcanum Mana-smith:
You allow Arcanum Mana-smith to examine your Lord Grymar's Ancient Emblem of Mhoire.
You hand over 1 of your Lord Grymar's Ancient Emblem of Mhoires.
Arcanum Mana-smith tells you, "Here's an interesting bit of information for you. Mhoire had his family's emblems infused with a small bit of mana - enough that I can use it in the forges successfully. I'll give you a key - one of the special keys, not my normal keys - in thanks."
Arcanum Mana-smith gives you Mana Forge Key.

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