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Introduced:  Master of Arms


Recklessness Icon.png Recklessness
Description Increases outgoing melee or missile non-critical damage, and incoming non-critical damage from all sources.
Formula (Strength + Quickness) / 3
Base Status Untrained
Cost to Train 4
Cost to Specialize 2
Buffs Recklessness Mastery (Spell), Strength (Spell), Quickness (Spell)
Debuffs Recklessness Ineptitude (Spell), Weakness (Spell), Slowness (Spell)


  • Damage Rating is increased by 20 for specialized and 10 for trained. Incoming non-critical damage from all sources is increased by the same.

Spell Stacking


  • Works for melee and missile combat.
  • Doesn't affect critical hits.
  • Activates when attack bar is between 20% and 80%.
  • If the Recklessness skill is lower than your attack skill (as determined by your equipped weapon), then the damage rating is reduced proportionately, but a Recklessness higher than your attack skill will not provide any advantage. The damage rating adjustment for incoming damage is also adjusted proportionally if your Recklessness skill is lower than your active attack skill.
  • While active, non-critical outgoing melee and missile hits receive the higher damage rating.
  • While active, non-critical incoming attacks from all sources are increased likewise.
Magic Skills Arcane Lore, Creature Enchantment, Item Enchantment, Life Magic, Mana Conversion, Void Magic, War Magic
Combat Skills Finesse Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Missile Weapons, Two Handed Combat
Secondary Combat Skills Dual Wield, Dirty Fighting, Recklessness, Sneak Attack, Summoning
Defense Skills Magic Defense, Melee Defense, Missile Defense, Shield
Crafting Skills Alchemy, Armor Tinkering, Cooking, Fletching, Item Tinkering, Lockpick, Magic Item Tinkering, Salvaging, Weapon Tinkering
Miscellaneous Skills Assess Creature, Assess Person, Deception, Healing, Leadership, Loyalty, Jump, Run
Retired Skills

Appraise Armor, Appraise Item, Appraise Magic Item, Appraise Weapon, Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Gearcraft, Mace, Spear, Staff, Sword, Thrown Weapons, Unarmed Combat

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