Renegade Atlatl of the Rivers

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Introduced:  Who Watches the Virindi? Related Quests:  Palenqual's Living Weapons, Renegade Living Weapons
Renegade Atlatl of the Rivers
Value: 20,000
200 Burden Units
Renegade Atlatl of the Rivers Icon.png

An atlatl fused to a triple totem. It almost seems as if the totem's creatures are moving.

Special Properties: Attuned, Bonded, Crushing Blow, Resistance Cleaving: Piercing, Ivoryable

Skill: Missile Weapons (Thrown)
Damage Bonus: 12
Damage Modifier: +??%
Speed: ??
Range: ?? yds
Bonus to Melee Defense: +15.0%

This item can only be wielded by <Player>.

Your base Missile Weapons must be at least 360 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Greater Cascade, Greater Still Water, Greater Torrent

Spellcraft: 250
Mana: 1000
Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.


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