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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Small Group
Start Location: Renegade Camp near Zaikhal
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 40+
Level Suggestions: 80+
Contracts: Contract for Reign of Terror
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Renegade Mace, Royal Olthoi Jelly, Renegade Pendant
MMDs: 2
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Reign of Terror
Updated In: Reforging the Past
Learning From Experience
Related Quests: 50-100 Contracts Quest

Walk Through

  1. Go to the Renegade Camp at 17.1N, 4.8W near Zaikhal.
    • Route: From Zaikhal, head west to the Sharvale settlement portal at 12.7N, 1.8W. Then run northeast to the camp.
  2. Double click the Renegade's Pack to obtain Letter to General Garsh and the Travel Log. This flags you to enter the Renegade Garrison.
  3. Enter Renegade Garrison at 44.1N 51.8E.
  4. Inside, hand the Travel log, the Letter and a M Note to Sergeant Maloth. He will open the door for you.
  5. The dungeon is pretty straightforward. Go straight (S) at first intersection, through a room, straight (S) again at next intersection, another larger room, again straight (E) at next intersection, and two more rooms.
  6. On the way, you will be facing lots of Renegade Lugians and Tumeroks until you run into a Reinforced Door.
  7. Best is to let melees kill the huge spawn of Olthoi behind the door before killing the door itself.
    • Tip: Archers can shoot the Olthoi through the door.
  8. The next part has all kinds of Olthoi. The dungeon is straightforward again, keep going E, until you run into the Royal Olthoi Guardian.
  9. Kill it, loot the Smelly Olthoi Gland, and use this like a key to open the next door.
  10. Left hand rule until you come to a jump. Jump down, a bit more going E, and another jump to the Young Olthoi Queen.
  11. Kill it and a door to the north will open. Loot a Olthoi Chitin from her corpse (she drops 15).
  12. Behind the door is a Pool of Goo with the corpse of the Dead Olthoi Queen in it. Use the pool to obtain Royal Olthoi Jelly.
  13. Portal recall to Sergeant Maloth and hand him the Olthoi Chitin to get experience, the Renegade Mace and the Renegade Pendant.
    • The pendant allows you to access the Garrison dungeon without flagging at the Renegade Camp.
  14. The Royal Olthoi Jelly was used in the Ancient Olthoi Queen story arc by Nuhmudira, but now you can turn it in for a Writ of Refuge at an Agent of the Arcanum.


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Renegade Garrison 44.1N 51.8E -- 6049 -- --


Quest Items
  • Renegade's Pack Icon.png
Renegade's Pack
  • Travel Log Icon.png
Travel Log
  • Letter to General Garsh Icon.png
Letter to General Garsh
  • Smelly Olthoi Gland Icon.png
Smelly Olthoi Gland
  • Olthoi Chitin Icon.png
Olthoi Chitin

  • Renegade Pendant Icon.png
Renegade Pendant
  • Royal Olthoi Jelly Icon.png
Royal Olthoi Jelly
  • Renegade Mace Icon.png
Renegade Mace

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Give Olthoi Chitin to Sergeant Maloth 39,000,000xp

175% up to level 75

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore & Dialog

You shake Sergeant Maloth's shoulder. He seemed to be sleeping with his eyes open.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Wha! Humans! Leave now and you may yet live!"
Sergeant Maloth looks you over. His eyes focus on your weapons and jewelry. He glances about the room for a moment.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Perhaps I was too hasty my friend."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Many days ago, our engineers broke into an olthoi tunnel while excavating the lower sections of this garrison. We fought them, and lost all but the top level beyond this door, which I was ordered to guard until reinforcements arrive."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Unfortunately, I have fallen on hard times and could not possibly consider jeopardizing my career by ignoring my ranking officer's orders. If only I could somehow be assured of your intentions..."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "I suppose you could bring me proof of your defeat of the olthoi below... if I had proof of their defeat, I could assure a promotion... But no, I cannot make a deal so risky without a little something to fall back on in case it were to fail."

You allow Sergeant Maloth to examine your Travel Log.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Hah, the fool, writing down directions to our secret garrison. I'm glad he's gone, less competition for me, hahaha."
Sergeant Maloth's eyes glaze over and a soft snoring sound reverberates around the room.
You allow Sergeant Maloth to examine your Letter to General Garsh.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Ah, so they didn't survive the journey... Put it away."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Remember, I never saw that letter."

You give Sergeant Maloth Trade Note (100,000).
Sergeant Maloth swiftly reaches out and the tradenote disappears.
Sergeant Maloth says, "Ah, I see that you intend to help us and that I, a loyal Gotrok, would be lax in my duties did I not allow creatures of such obvious honor to assist us in our hour of need."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "You must not forget that I am taking a risk in allowing you entrance. Bring me back proof that you removed the olthoi menace from our garrison and I may have a small reward for you."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Also, my fellows within may not recognize you for the heroes that you are so be prepare to defend yourselves. If you can't handle them then you surely cannot handle the olthoi deeper down. If caught, remember to say that you got into the dungeon through portal magic."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Oh, If I see you again I am sure I will not recognize you. You humans all look alike to me with your pointy noses and huge ears, haha! Thus, if you require entrance you will have to pay m... I mean donate towards our rebuilding efforts again."

You give Sergeant Maloth Olthoi Chitin.
Sergeant Maloth mashes his fists in celebration.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Well done! With this as proof of my defeating the Olthoi below I will garner much respect in our army. You should be rewarded for your assistance."
Sergeant Maloth gives you Renegade Pendant.
Sergeant Maloth gives you Renegade Mace.
You've earned 39,000,000 experience.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "There, and since I'm feeling so magnanimous I will also grant you access to the garrison whenever I see you wearing your pendant. It's the only way I will recognize you."
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Olthoi have a way of coming right back unless you kill them all so you may want to return to insure they have been exterminated."

You allow Sergeant Maloth to examine your Royal Olthoi Jelly.
Sergeant Maloth flinches back at the smell coming from the jar.
Sergeant Maloth tells you, "Disgusting! Keep your evil ichors to yourself!"

You give Agent of the Arcanum Royal Olthoi Jelly.
Agent of the Arcanum tells you, "We thought this jelly was useless for a time. But we've recently discovered it has certain properties which are of much interest to us. Please, take this Writ as a reward."
Agent of the Arcanum gives you Writ of Refuge.


  • During the Reforging the Past event, the timer was standardized and the experience reward was increased from 8,306,404 (??% up to level ??) to 29,000,000 (100% up to level 80).
  • During the Learning From Experience event, the experience reward was increased from 29,000,000 (100% up to level 80) to 39,000,000 (175% up to level 75)
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