Ricardo's Blood Gem

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Ricardo in Eastwatch
Timer: 6 days
Level Restrictions: 80+
Level Suggestions: 85+ group, 100+ solo
Contracts: Contract for Ricardo's Blood Gem
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Squalid Leggings
MMDs: 3
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Friend and Foe
Updated In: Reforging the Past,
Learning From Experience
Related Quests: Haleatan Beach Camps,
The Hunt for Muldaveus,
50-100 Contracts Quest

Walk Through

  1. Talk to Ricardo at 90.3N, 43.1W in Eastwatch.
  2. Enter Coral Caves at 90.5N, 42.5W
  3. Make your way to the end of the dungeon, until you reach the area with the Blood Golems.
  4. Keep killing them, until you have a Red Blood Gem Fragment, a Blue Blood Gem Fragment, and a Green Blood Gem Fragment
  5. Combine the three gems into a Blood Gem of Rikt Zir
  6. Return to Ricardo and hand him the gem to get the Squalid Leggings.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Coral Caves 90.5N, 42.5W -- 0033 -- --


Quest Items
  • Blue Blood Gem Fragment Icon.png
Blue Blood Gem Fragment
  • Green Blood Gem Fragment Icon.png
Green Blood Gem Fragment
  • Red Blood Gem Fragment Icon.png
Red Blood Gem Fragment
  • Large Blood Gem Fragment Icon.png
Large Blood Gem Fragment
  • Blood Gem of Rikt Zir Icon.png
Blood Gem of Rikt Zir

  • Squalid Leggings Icon.png
Squalid Leggings

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Handing Blood Gem of Rikt Zir to Ricardo 21,000,000xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.


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Lore & Dialog

Ricardo lowers his voice warily and then continues.
Ricardo tells you, "My name is Ricardo and I am part of a rebel faction of Viamontians that seeks to overthrow the despotic ruler, King Varicci."
Ricardo tells you, "Recently our spies have learned that the King has launched a massive campaign to recover a powerful Falatacot artifact called the Blood Gem of Rikt Zir."
Ricardo tells you, "What this gem does is still unknown, but one thing is for sure. We can not let Varicci get his hands on it."
Ricardo tells you, "Our sources have unearthed an obscure legend from some ancient Falatacot ruins."
Ricardo tells you, "It claims the gem was fractured into three pieces and then hidden in some caves near the ocean."
Ricardo tells you, "We believe the caves referred to in the legend are the Coral Caves at 90.5N 42.5W."
Ricardo winces and rubs his injured leg.
Ricardo tells you, "I tried to recover the gem myself, but was grievously injured and had to take refuge here."
Ricardo tells you, "I have no choice, but to ask you to retrieve the Blood Gem for me...No. For the rebellion!"
Ricardo tells you, "Return the Blood Gem to me and may the Stag of Bellenesse watch over you!"

You successfully combine the two Blood Gem Fragments.

As you slip the final piece of the gem into place, it begins to pulse wildly with an inner light. Each rhythmic pulse sends a small burst of energy through you, creating an almost euphoric sensation. Realization soon dawns upon you that the gem is responding to the beat of your heart.

You allow Ricardo to examine your Blood Gem of Rikt Zir.
You hand over 1 of your Blood Gem of Rikt Zirs.
Ricardo tells you, "At last! He will be most pleased...I mean the Stag of Bellenesse thanks you, adventurer. It is through your efforts that the course of history shall be forever changed."
Ricardo gives you Squalid Leggings.
You've earned 21,000,000 experience.
You must wait 5d 23h 56m 13s to complete this quest again.


  • During the Reforging the Past event, an xp reward of 15,000,000 was introduced for handing in the Blood Gem of Rikt Zirs.
  • During the Learning From Experience event, the xp reward was increased from 15,000,000 to 21,000,000.
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