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Rytheran, often referred to as Lord Rytheran of Menilesh[1][2][3], is a Dericost noble and one of the Primogenitor Undead, and de facto leader of the Filinuvekta in the absence of Geraine IV.[4] He is in an intimate relationship with Aerfalle and helped create the Staff of Aerfalle.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

At the conclusion of the Millennium War Geraine and his servants, including Rytheran, fled to Dereth to escape their destruction.[1][10] He confronted the Gelidites led by Frisander, Fenngar and Ferundi. During this encounter, the Gelidites nearly killed him, which gave the Gelidites the room to kill off the remaining forces and travel on.[1] Rytheran found the House Mhoire, of which the Lord and the Lady fled the court from Dericost to Dereth when Lord Cynreft Mhoire learned that Prince Geraine IV had become undead.[10]

Rytheran used the Book of Eibhil,[11][12][13] to destroy the Mhoire estate and torture and corrupt the people.[14][15] All of the House Mhoire was destroyed, with only the graveyard remaining, which was eventually swallowed by the earth.[10]

The Filinuvekta, under leadership of Aerfalle and Rytheran, allied themselves with the opposing Dericost faction of the Latzimestal - "Lords of the World", Asheron, the Virindi, a rogue follower of Bael'Zharon named Isin Dule, and the Isparians to drive Bael'Zharon off of this plane of existence.[16][17][18]

The Dericostian undead including Aerfalle and Rytheran helped to get rid of the Olthoi invasion [19] and tried to stop the advance of the Ancient Olthoi Queen, when she returned to attack Dereth. The undead sealed the passage of the retreating queen using the machines assembled by the Isparians via the Undead Mechanic.[20]

The dericostian Nobility, represented by Aerfalle and Rytheran, leads the faction of the Eldrytch Web,one of the three Societies of Dereth.[21] [22][23]

Later, at some point after Wintersebb, 17 PY[24] and before Wintersebb, 18 PY, Rytheran entered the hidden library below the mage academy and read from the Book of Eibhil.[14] He did so in an attempt to refresh his fading mind, which according to his letter to Aerfalle was successful.[14][25] However, his reading from the book caused the graveyard to be unearthed and the spirits of the Mhoires to awaken.[14] Later realizing he had been duped by the powers of the book, Rytheran left his library, book in hand, intent to deliver it to Geraine.[11][12]

It would seem Rytheran was successful, as the next time the book is seen, in Solclaim, 21 PY, it is in the possession of Geraine.[26]

The floating Mhoire Castle over the Graveyard was invaded by Rytheran's forces[27][28], and used to keep Hoshino Kei captive before her wedding.[29]

Geraine, Aerfalle and Rytheran cooperated with the Apostate Virindi to disturb the Ley Lines and change the timelines.[30] [31]

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  • Rytheran's Journal Icon.png
Rytheran's Journal
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Rytheran's Letter





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Master's Lectern
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Rytheran's Master Seal
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Ring of Remembrance
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Rytheran's Jeweled Ring
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Rytheran's Key
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Rytheran's Mnemosyne
  • Visage of Menilesh Icon.png
Visage of Menilesh



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