Sanguinary Aegis Quest

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Group
Start Location: Rithwic
Timer: 27 Days
Level Restrictions: None
Level Suggestions: 60+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Sanguinary Aegis
Max XP: None
Titles: None
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Introduced In: That Which Is Ours
Related Quests: Phantom Weapons Quest
Your choice of colors.

Walk Through

Part 1: Lugian Excavation

  1. Optional: From Rithwic, enter Martine's Retreat at 10.6N 58.3E, then run down the ramp and speak with Leandra to begin the quest.
  2. Enter the Lugian Excavations (ACMaps), located at 77.0S, 64.4E.
  3. From the drop, hug the wall left until you reach a Deposit of High-Grade Chorizite Ore (rock pile).
  4. Kill the nearby Extas Raiders, and loot their corpses until you find a Lugian Pick Axe.
    • Note: Be careful, these lugians are hollow!
  5. Use the Lugian Pick Axe on the Deposit of High-Grade Chorizite Ore to obtain a Chunk of High-Grade Chorizite.
    You mine the high-grade chorizite from the vein.
  6. Once you've mined the ore, hand it to Feruza ibn Salaq in the Beach Fort at 76.0N, 49.1W. He'll return some Refined High-Grade Chorizite.
  7. Return to Leandra at Martine's Retreat and hand her the Refined High-Grade Chorizite. You'll receive a Chorizite Formula and Notes on Chorizite Distillation.

Part 2: Abandoned Armory

  1. Enter the Abandoned Armory, located at 83.6S, 14.7W.
  2. From the drop, head North, then take the West (left) ramp down.
    • Note: This dungeon is symmetrical and either direction works, but for this walk through we assume starting from the left.
  3. When you enter the next large room, run into the little room in the center and hit the floor plate, which opens the doors to the North and South.
  4. Take the door to the North and go left at the split. In the next large room, repeat the same floor plate procedure, but this time exit the door to the West.
  5. Again, continue until you reach another large room. Repeat the floor plate procedure and then take the door to the South.
  6. Now take your first right (South), and head down the ramp until you reach a large room, where at the back of the room, you'll see several Deteriorated Aegis sitting on pedestals.
  7. Pick up any color of Deteriorated Aegis you like (they are all the same), and use your Chorizite Formula on it to create a Sanguinary Aegis:
    • Chorizite Formula Icon.png + Deteriorated Aegis Icon.png = Sanguinary Aegis Blue Icon.png
    The shield crystalizes as you apply the Chorizite formula.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Abandoned Armory 83.6S, 14.7W -- 5645 -- --
Lugian Excavations 77.0S, 64.4E -- 02E7 -- --
Martine's Retreat 10.6N 58.3E -- 5660 -- --


Quest Items
  • Notes of Chorizite Distillation Icon.png
Notes of Chorizite Distillation
  • Chunk of High-Grade Chorizite Icon.png
Chunk of High-Grade Chorizite
  • Refined High-Grade Chorizite Icon.png
Refined High-Grade Chorizite
  • Chorizite Formula Icon.png
Chorizite Formula
  • Deteriorated Aegis Icon.png
Deteriorated Aegis

  • Sanguinary Aegis Icon.png
Sanguinary Aegis


Lore & Dialog

Leandra tells you, "Ah, a visitor! It is so nice to see a new face around here, especially now that my spirits have been lifted. I must tell you of my newest findings."
Leandra tells you, "I have been working on a distillation process that transforms chorizite ore into a viscous formula capable of absorbing magical damage."
Leandra tells you, "If you have the inclination, bring me a small amount of the highest quality refined chorizite available, and I will reward you with one application of the formula, and my notes."

You give Feruza ibn Salaq Chunk of High-Grade Chorizite.
Feruza ibn Salaq tells you, "This is the very purest grade of chorizite. You must be formidable to have survived in the mines of the Lugians. I don't know of any smiths with a forge hot enough to shape it, though."
Feruza ibn Salaq gives you Refined High-Grade Chorizite.

You give Leandra Refined High-Grade Chorizite.
Leandra tells you, "One moment please. The success of choritize distillation relies on steady hands and a clear mind."
Leandra gives you Chorizite Formula.
Leandra gives you Notes on Chorizite Distillation.
Leandra tells you, "All done, here is one flask of chorizite formula, as promised, and a copy of my notes."
Leandra tells you, "Be sure to read the notes I gave you - and remember, the formula is new and largely untested. More research will be needed to fully understand its properties."

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